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Digital Leaders

     Hello! We are Kingsley's Digital Leaders!

We will be uploading information and tips each week to make sure that everyone in school knows how to stay safe and where to go if they have a problem. 


We are an important team because we have been trained in how to stay safe online and to give advice. Check out our blog below that does just that!



Safer Internet Day 2020

Today we held 2 assemblies. We spoke to the children from Key Stage 1 first and then Key Stage 2. We talked about how to stay safe online and what an online identity is. We checked that everyone knew how to stay safe online and how to keep their personal information safe by discussing different scenarios. We made sure everyone knows who we are in case they ever have any problems that they would want us to help with.


We cannot wait until we get to do another assembly or even teach a class. 

Kate's Story

It all started in year 6.All of my friends were getting SnapChat and Instagram accounts and it was very exciting. It was really fun taking to my friends not just from school but also my family and my neighbours. One morning I got a notification on my phone. I had a look to see what it was and it was a friend request from someone called m8 of a m8💀. I checked their profile to see if it was safe and it said he was from my school. I accepted the request and got ready for school.                                                                                                                                                                               

When I got home from school, I went onto my phone and I looked on my direct messages. There was a mesage from m8 of a m8💀. He had sent me an image that was very rude. I had no idea what to do next. Should I reply or not? I was scared to tell mum because she might ignore me or take me off the internet so I told him to stop being rude and then things got really out of hand. 


M8 of a M8💀 replied:

Hi Kate,  I read your message and I am going to come to your house and follow your sister .

M8 of a M8💀replied:

I know your address


I freaked out and hid under my covers. What if he actually knew my address?



                                                                      What should I do?





                 Delete my account?                                       o                                     Tell someone?



Our Advice

We would definitely advise you to tell someone because it is not fair for you to delete your account because someone is being mean to you. You have done nothing wrong! You do not deserve to be treated this way. If you are not comfortable telling your mum, you can tell a trusted adult or one of your friends. Instead of deleting your account, block m8 of a m8 and maybe let someone in school know, especially if his profile suggests he goes to the same school as you. If you look at the name closely it is m8 of a m8 which implies it is a friend of your friends. You could ask you friends to see if they know this person. If you are still unsure, ask an adult to report this person to the messenger service you use. 



From Casey and Macy smiley frown