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Easter Challenges

Even though it is the school holidays, we thought you might still want to complete a few challenges.

Each day has been given its own challenge below. Don't forget to email us your challenges and check back after the holidays when your photos and replies will be uploaded. 

Monday 6th April

Because it is the Easter holidays, we challenge you to make your own Easter bonnet using a range of recyclable materials from your house.

Tuesday 7th April

Let’s get cracking! Write a song or create Tik Tok style dance with that theme in mind!

Wednesday 8th April

Every year Y6 do an Easter egg challenge and decorate a hard boiled egg. This year we thought you might all want to have a go. It could be any character or film or decoration that you would like. We would love to see pictures of this.

Thursday 9th April

We love cracking jokes in school. Do you or anyone in your household know any good ‘egg’ jokes?

Friday 10th April

We all love a puzzle! Can you design your own Easter word search and challenge someone in your house to solve it?

Monday 13th April

Let’s try out another letter challenge. How many things can you find in your house that start with an E?

Tuesday 14th April

While we are all at home, it is important for everyone to be kind and helpful. Make today a day that you do lots good deeds and let us know all about them.

Wednesday 15th April

Get up and get moving! Ask someone to time you and see how many bunny hops you can do in 1 minute.

Thursday 16th April

Writer alert! Can you write and decorate your own Easter acrostic poem. The word you use doesn’t need to be Easter but it does need to be related to that theme.

Friday 17th April

Calling all scientists! Today is a day for research to find out how many animals you know of that come out of eggs. Can you find any new ones that you didn’t know before? Remember to use our safety rules when researching things online.