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These are the recommended tasks for the week. If you complete all activities and require more, please email


We are continuing with reading the Ickabog. Follow the link to Chapter 2. This chapter is all about the main subject of the story – The Ickabog. Read the whole chapter and then answer the questions (word document below the link) about the creature and the legend. Remember to use evidence from the story to support your answers.


Click on the link below and have a go at choosing the right punctuation. Think about the rules for speech and how we use apostrophes for possession and contractions.

‘s’ as a plural or possession? : Log into Purple Mash and check your 2dos for “Harry’s Party”


Explore the suffix –ous.

It turns a noun into an adjective. What does it mean?

Find 10 words that end in –ous and write them into 10 sentences.


While in the underworld saving Percy’s mam the team realise that they have had the lightning bolt the whole time and that Luke (son of Hermes) had set Percy up as a thief. They then battle for the bolt on the roof tops of New York. Watch the clip below and write a detailed recount of what happens. Use time related words (first, next, finally) and include description (similes and metaphors) to show how intense the fight between them is. 

Percy Jackson Vs Luke