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These are the recommended tasks for the week. If you complete all activities and require more, please email


Visit the Talk4Writing website to find, ‘The Quangle Wangle’s Hat’ Poem. On the website you will find a free online booklet that has lots of interesting activities. Read the poem and answer the questions.

SPAG – Spelling rule /l/

The –le spelling is the most common spelling for this sound at the end of words.

Ask somebody to mix up the letters in the spelling words and see if you can unscramble the letters to spell the words correctly.

table, apple, bottle, little, middle, maple, angle, cradle, uncle, pickle


Draw a picture of your own creature. Remember to think about its features. Try and make them as creative as you can. Once you have drawn your creature write a description of them. Don’t forget to use as many describing words as you can.