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These are the recommended tasks for the week. If you complete all activities and require more, please email


Visit the Talk4Writing website to find, ‘The Myth of Pandora’s Box’ story. On the website, you will find a free online booklet that has lots of interesting activities. Read the story and answer the questions.


After reading the story, what do you think is in the box? Write down your ideas in full sentences. Remember to keep your handwriting as neat as you can. Good luck guessing!


Draw a picture of anything you like. It could be your favourite place, a football pitch or it could even be an object you find around the house. Now, hide this week’s spellings in the picture.

[a is the most common spelling for the ‘o’ (‘hot’) sound after w and qu].


want          what

wash          wander

watch        wallet

quarrel      quantity

squad        squash