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These are the recommended tasks for the week. If you complete all activities and require more, please email


Oxford Owl – Book: The Secret Garden   - Find the book in the eBook library and answer the questions.

Questions to answer: 1. How would you describe Mary at the start of the book?

                                       2. Why is Mary so determined to find a way into the locked garden?

                                       3. What causes Mary and Dickon to become such good friends?

                                       4. Why do you think this story is still popular today?

Oxford Owl login details:

Class Login Mrs Lucas/Miss Howe’s Class:  Username Kingsleyy5 Password year5isfab

Class Login Miss Foster’s Class: Username Y5kingsley Password year5isfab


Spelling -cious/ -tious  Use link below to watch the short video and complete the task.  Now make a poster for ‘tious and ‘cious using the words from the video and tasks.  Can you explain what each word means? 


Spelling challenge: Write these spellings in fancy writing styles 5 times for each word:

  definite   desperate   determined    develop    dictionary    disastrous



Look at the pictures in the document and complete the tasks.