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We run a number of clubs that encourage children to experience things they may not get a chance to in everyday school life.


This half term we are running the following clubs:




Completed consent forms must returned to the member of staff responsible for the club before your child attends.

Our school choir was on BBC Tees FM supporting Children in Need! It was very exciting they met a real presenter and all got to say something on the radio!
Choir are having a fabulous time learning songs for their Christmas Performances.

The children thoroughly enjoy the clubs they attend. Here is a few things they had to say about their clubs.


In Chess Club, you learn how to play chess! It is really fun, I think everyone should be in it. - Alex Y6


I go to Art Club and now I can draw faces. It is really fun! Kady - Y4



I go to drumming. We play new songs. Chloe - Y5


Choir is fun because you can choose songs to sing at concerts. We all get the choice to have a solo part too!  Cerys -Y6


I like drumming because Bob teaches us new drumming rhythms and he makes us laugh. Ella - Y4


I go to Homework club. It helps me learn my spellings and practise my reading. Michael - Y4


I enjoy Chess Club because its quiet and challenges my brain. Evan - Y5


Homework Club is very exciting because when you go home you don't have to do any homework. You can use the computers to play educational games when you have finished your homework.    

Phoebe -Y4 


I think Choir is brilliant because it is really good for your vocals! Sammi-Leigh - Y4