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At Kingsley, we are immensely proud of ourselves and each other. On this page we will share everything we are proud of!

Keep checking back to see who has achieved something else that they are proud of. 

I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I tried my best at football and got player of the week!


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I learned to do a free cartwheel (a cartwheel with no hands) and I got a medal for it.


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I am part of a football club and I play Saturdays and Sundays


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because when I was at Flamingo Land, playing on the 2p machines, I won a special, pink, sparkly, see through scorpion key ring. I felt so proud, rich and happy with myself.


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I did my first cartwheel on the grass without help.


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I have achieved my first dancing certificate.


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I won my horse riding competition.


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I got my first ‘Man of the match’ for Seaton Carew FC.


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I tried very hard in Yoga and followed all of the moves.


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because in my first competition I came first because I tried my hardest. My second competition for gymnastics I came second because I was out of balance.


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because my first score in football was great!


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I got a distinction in my Grade 1 cornet exam.


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I am not good at football and I have improved. I got my medal because of my good behaviour and I have learned new tricks. 


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I tried really hard to pass my level 7 badge in gymnastics. I really enjoy gymnastics.


I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I put a lot of time and effort into my remote control robot and soon I will add a propeller. I need to thank my friend Alex for helping me.




I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I got a trophy for being in the top ten of my race. I race on a motorbike. It is very dangerous and I need to wear a helmet. I have been racing since I was 6.




I am #ProudOfMySelfie because I do dancing. I came first in Tap on Sunday 6th September and got medals for coming fourth in my song. I am going back to Barnsley for more competitions on Saturday 12th September.