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Recommended Non-essential tasks (17.6.20 - 17.7.20)

These are the recommended tasks until the end of summer term. If you complete all activities and require any more, please email

Task 1

Draw a picture of your family.

Task 2

Make a healthy snack.


Task 3

Go on a minibeast hunt.





Task 4

Sort a range of coloured toys into groups.


Task 5

Make a necklace by threading pasta onto some string. You could decorate the pasta.



Task 6

Find some materials that are soft and hard. Sort them into two piles.

Task 7

Collect some materials from outside. Can you make a picture with them?

Task 8

Make a bird house for your garden. Use your imagination! It can be made from anything in your house.

Task 9

Write a shopping list with your grown up.




Task 10

Sing some Nursery Rhymes with your family. Have a basket of objects that represent each rhyme. Let your child pick out one object and sing that rhyme.

Task 11

Practise holding and using scissors. Draw straight, zigzag and wobbly lines on paper and ask your child to follow the lines with their scissors.

Task 12

Learn how to play a board game with your family.