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Recommended Non-essential Tasks (17.6.20 - 17.7.20)

These are the recommended tasks until the end of summer term. If you complete all activities and require any more, please email

Task 1 PE

Follow one of Andy’s Wild Workouts on the cbeebies YouTube.

Task 2  Science

Go on a nature hunt and look for signs of Summer. There is a checklist below to help you.

Task 3  ICT

Log onto purple mash and create a picture using 2Paint.




Task 4  Art and Design

Make or draw something for a friend – think about what they would like and why.

Task 5 ICT

Take a photo of something you are proud of and email it to us with help from a grown up.


Task 6 Art and Design

Make a model using materials you find in your house.

Task 7 Being Imaginative

Create a story with your toys and tell it to an adult.

Task 8 Music

Choose objects in your house that you could use as a musical instrument and play along to your favourite songs.


Task 9 PE

Make up a dance routine to your favourite song.  Can you make a pattern using different movements e.g. jump, clap, turn, stamp?


Task 10 Science

Find 3 objects around your home and describe what they are using your 5 senses. (e.g. soft, hard, squishy, colourful)

Task 11 ICT

Find different types of technology that are used in your house. What is it used for? E.g. microwave, washing machine,  remote control

Task 12  Art and Design

Make a den for one of your toys.