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Recommended Non-essential Tasks (17.6.20 - 17.7.20)

These are the recommended tasks until the end of summer term. If you complete all activities and require any more, please email

Task 1 PE

Design your own warm up for PE.  Try it out for yourself.

Task 2 DT

Design and make your own fruit kebab. Use your favourite types of food and try to be creative about how it looks. Good luck. 


Task 3 Drop and Read


Take 20 minutes or so to relax and read a book. You could read on your own or with your family. 


Task 4 Maths

Find a recipe to make slime on the internet.

Follow the recipe to make your slime.

Take care to follow the measurements carefully.

Task 5 Art

Using recycling from around your home, create a building you might have found during the Great Fire of London.




Task 6 PSHE

Create a card for somebody to make their day happier.


This is your random act of kindness for today!

Task 7 Art

Gather objects from nature and create a picture with them. You could use: sticks, leaves or petals etc.

Task 8 Geography

Spot the Difference Game.

Look at task 8’s word document and find two maps of London.

Write sentences about the things you can see that look different.

Task 9 History

Follow the link below to access a website about The Great Fire of London.


This BBC sound clip will tell you lots of interesting facts about the fire.


Draw a poster to show off what you know about the Great Fire of London.


Task 10 Music & Dance

Listen again to this week’s BBC sound clip about The Great Fire.


From 4 minutes onwards on the clip there is instructions to follow to sing a song that tells us how London was built differently after the Great Fire.


Listen carefully and copy the actions on the clip to perform a new dance. Can you sing along with the words too?

Task 11 Design and Technology

Time to get creative!

Can you make a Magic Box?

You can:

  Find a shoe box or small box and decorate it OR

Draw a box and decorate it.

Think about:

 • How you can make it magical? Maybe it looks like a dragon or a witch’s cottage.

• What is the theme? Perhaps it is magical creatures or places.

• How are you going to decorate it?

Task 12 Computing

First, log into Purple Mash.

In the search bar, type The Great Fire of London and click the picture that appears.

• Great Fire of London – 2 Code.

• Project Pack Activities:

Great Fire of London – 2 Connect.