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Recommended Non-essential Tasks (17.6.20 - 17.7.20)

These are the recommended tasks until the end of summer term. If you complete all activities and require any more, please email

Task 1 History

Design your own quiz.

Choose a theme linked to Ancient Greece and send Miss Pratt and Mrs Johnson your quiz questions.  

Task 2  French

Draw a monster with lots of different amounts of body parts.

Write a short paragraph under your monster to explain how many of each body part they have in French. Can you include colours too?


trois yeux bleu – three blue eyes.

Remember that the colour comes after the noun in French.        

Task 3  Computing

Log onto purple mash and complete activities set by your teacher.





Task 4 Music

Have a go at pumping out some tunes using Incredibox.

*Unfortunately the free web version is only available on a laptop or computer*

Share them to our school email address so we can hear what you have done! Don’t forget to email us and let us know which song is yours. Do not put your name into Incredibox- that is what usernames are for.


Task 5  DT/PSHE - Cooking

Research some healthy recipes and then design a healthy pizza/pasta dish for your family. Could you make it?

Let us know how it turns out.

Task 6 Science

Choose one organ from the information on the website below.

Find more information out about that organ and make a poster to teach younger children about that organ.


Task 7 Art

Look at the different works of Art by Pablo Picasso.

Choose one and sketch it out onto a piece of paper. If you colour it different colours does it change the emotion of the picture?

Task 8

Turn your favourite book into a comic. What is the main part of the story? What happens? How will you make people want to read your comic?

Task 9 PE

Tees Valley Virtual School games are running.  Visit the website and look at the challenges 1-8.  Practise them.  If you want to, upload your entry.






Task 10

Write a letter to your future self. What do you want to remember about your time at home during lockdown? Or your time at school when there weren’t very many of you there at all?

Task 11 PE

What is your favourite playground game? Would you need to change the rules if you need to stay 2m away from your friends?


Write down the rules with any changes you have needed to make. Use pictures and labelled diagrams to make it clearer.


Task 12 Art

Summer solstice is the longest day of the year and signifies the start of summer. Create a piece of art that shows us what Summer means to you. It could be a collage, a sculpture, a picture or a painting.