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Tag rugby competition

10 children from years 5 & 6 attended a tag rugby competition at Brierton sports hall. They faced tough competition but all showed great sportsmanship and teamwork, making it through to the town final! A great result for Kingsley, Well done everyone!

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Tag Rugby Festival


On Tuesday 16th October, 10 Y5 and Y6 girls attended a tag rugby event. They spent the morning learning to how to throw and catch a rugby ball and incorporated those skills into everyday games such as stuck in the mud.


Hanna : I had a lot of fun, it was great to learn new skills and play the games with everyone. Its not about the winning but the taking part that counts.


Courtney : I was nervous at first as I hadn’t played tag rugby before but once we started playing the games I had lots of fun and really enjoyed the day.

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On Thursday 18th October, Ben, Lewis and Phoebe attended Stewarts Park in Middlesbrough for the Tees Valley cross country final. It was a great day for the final, all 3 completed the course and we are so proud of them! They represented themselves and the school brilliantly! Well done!


Lewis: I enjoyed each part of the cross country competition from earlier rounds through to the final. It was harder than last year as I had further to run now I’m in year 5. I felt really proud to represent the school.

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Well done to the 11 children from Y4,5 and 6 who got through to the cross country town final at High Tunstall. Everyone had a great time and 3 of the children got through to the Tees Valley Final.
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Cross Country Champions! 

28 children from Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 attended a cross country competition at Summerhill. It was perfect running weather for the races with Y3 and Y4 girls from 5 different schools racing together, Y3 and Y4 boys racing together and then individual races for the Y5 boys, Y5 girls, Y6 boys and Y6 girls.  


Children had to finish in the top 10 to qualify for the town final. We had 1 Y5 girl, 4 Y5 boys, 3 Y6 girls and 4 Y6 boys qualifying! Well done! 


All children worked really hard on the day, they persevered and all of them finished the course.  They showed great sportsmanship, supporting each other before and after the races. 


We are so proud of all children who attended, your attitudes and behaviour were exceptional! 

Well done everyone!