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Staying Safe Online

Safer Internet Day 2017

Tuesday 7th February is Safer Internet Day 2017! 

We have all taken part in a range of activities across the week to demonstrate how we can stay safe when we are online.

This year's focus is on the Power of Image so we have been looking at how to keep our personal information safe when we are part of photographs. We have practised being the change by demonstrating positive comments that can be made about others and their images. 

Take a look at some of our "Safer Selfies" below!

We have had a BLAST!

Year 4 have been designing posters to help people keep their personal information safe when uploading photos. Lia had some excellent tips.
Picture 1

Digital Citizenship


Being a good digital citizen is all about being kind, safe and careful when you are online. We know how to be a good citizen when we are living our lives but we need to remember to continue this kindness and good citizenship when we use technology too. 


The following link has some fabulous games and videos to watch all about being a good digital citizen.

What is a digital footprint?

We all know that e-safety is an important part of everyday life and work hard to keep ourselves and each other safe at Kingsley.

Child Focus 'E-safety'

Key Stage 1 enjoy using Smartie the penguin and Hector's world to learn all about staying safe online. Follow the links below to check out what they have been up to.