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Art and Design

Every year we decorate our entrance for Christmas with crafts from the whole school. This year our theme was Christmas trees. Each year group made a different type of Christmas tree to make our display magical! 

Christmas Entrance!

This year we entered a Christmas card competition for the Tees, Esk and Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust. Every child created a design and a selection was chosen from each year group to be sent off for the competition. Three of our children were chosen to receive a prize and have their designs turned into beautiful cards.

Well done to Tori, Annie and Grace!

Christmas Card Competition!

Reception have painted lovely self-portraits that are on display in the Reception classrooms. 

Reception self-portraits

Year 6 have improved their sewing skills by making Christmas tree decorations. They designed their decorations then made them using felt and thread. The children decorated them using stitching patterns and buttons. Their final decorations look beautiful!

Year 6 sewing!

Year 1 have been creating pictures using different materials.

Happy New Year from Year 1!

Nursery have made lovely Christmas hats!

Year 2 have been developing their printing skills. They have created their own stamps and covered them in paint to make their designs and patterns. They have evaluated their stamps in their sketch pads. Wonderful work Year 2!

Printing Skills

Painting weather pictures in Year 2!

Year 5 Art displays!

In Art, Year 5 looked at different Egyptian Gods. They then designed our own, drew it on sugar paper and used colours that Ancient Egyptians used - Red, yellow, blue, green, white and black, to paint them. They surrounded our gods with hieroglyphs that spelt out either their name or what they were the god of. The children really enjoyed working with paints and bringing their ideas to life! 

Exciting Egyptian Art in Year 5

Volcano Sketches

Year 3 have been creating some exciting Volcanos that link with their Geography topic. They used mod-roc to create the shape and then decorated with paint and they look fantastic! Well done Year 3!

Year 3 Volcanos!

Christmas Preparation

In Year 4, the children have been developing their sketching skills and learning about the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci. They have looked at using correct proportions in their drawings and have been showing of their shading techniques. This wonderful work is displayed in the Year 4 classrooms. 

Sketching in Year 4