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Competitions at Kingsley!

We celebrate Art in many different ways at Kingsley, including competitions to celebrate key events.


Last year, we created logos for the coronation of King Charles in the 'Kingsley Coronation Cup'.


The winners and runners up got to showcase their wonderful artwork to their parents, carers and the school governors. At our exhibition, the children also received their prizes and had the opportunity to create some more Coronation artwork with their families. 


Keep an eye out for our next competition for the up-coming Olympics!

Kingsley Coronation Cup- Winners and Runners Up!

Celebrating our Artwork!

We enjoy showing our creativity during our Art lessons, across a range of subjects and for various events and celebrations across the year. The children's artwork is celebrated in classes, on displays and are on the class pages on our website.


Here are just some examples of the artwork created at Kingsley!

Castles from the KS2 Base

The KS2 Base have been showing their wonderful crafting skills and creating wonderful castles out of a range of shapes. They have been refining their fine motor skills by cutting and sticking the shapes by themselves. 

Celebrating artwork in Nursery!

In Nursery, the children have created a range of beautiful art work using painting, sculpting, collage and drawing. This work is celebrated in a wonderful floor book.

Year 4- Experimenting with paint

In year 4, we have been focusing on painting as the skill for this term. The children have explored different types of paint and how using different painting materials create a range of effects and textures which will be applied to their artwork later in this term. 

Sketching for Local History Week in Year 6

Year 6 have been developing their sketching skills and looking at perspective when drawing. They have applied this skill when studying the Hartlepool docks. Well done Year 6, these sketches are fantastic!

Year 2 Aboriginal Art

Year 2 have been using paint to create Aboriginal-style pictures. They have thought about the use of colours to reflect the Aboriginal culture and carefully applied the paint to create a dotty pattern. 

Chinese New Year in the KS2 Base

The children have created a range of wonderful crafts for Chinese New Year in the KS2 Base. The children have drawn and coloured traditional Chinese clothes, made beautiful paper lanterns and created folded dragon puppets. This beautiful art work is on display in the KS2 Base. 

Year 5's fantastic pop art is now on display in the dining hall.

Year 5 have been learning about pop art and recreating this fun style in their own work. They have been using a range of materials such as painting, pastels and felt tips to create bright pop art images.

Pop Art

Year 6 have been creating some wonderful cross-curricular artwork linked to their History topic about the Mayan civilization. The children researched Mayan symbolism and artifacts. Then the children designed their own Mayan pot. The children used clay and developed their sculpting skills. Once dry, the children then carefully painted their pots using their designs. Well done year 6, your Mayan pots look fantastic!

In year 6, the children were inspired by the work of Henri Matisse in order to create their own designs for their calendars to take home.

Henri Matisse Calendar

Christmas Baubles in Year 3

Year 3 used different wooden shapes that they decorated with different designs and patterns. Well done, these will have looked lovely on your Christmas tree.

Year 2 Remembrance Art

In year 2, the children used a range of skills to create their beautiful images for Remembrance Day. The children used chalk and pastels to create the background of the picture before using paints to add the bright red poppies. 

Year 4 Remembrance Crafts

Year 4 have been developing their crafting skills to make some beautiful poppies for Remembrance Day. The children developed their cutting skills and used collage skills to fill in the iconic red petals. 

Firework Pictures in Year 1

The children in Year 1 have been using chalk and pastels to create wonderful images of fireworks for Bonfire night.

Well done Year 1!

Leaf Art!

In Year 1, the children have been developing their drawing skills by using fallen Autumn leaves and creating their own lovely leaf people.

Vegetable printing in Reception

Reception have been learning about Harvest festival and read the book 'Oliver's Vegetables'. The children then created their own pictures using vegetable printing. 

Mayan Artwork in Year 6!

Year 6 have been learning all about the Mayans. They have used this as the basis of their Art. They have been developing their understanding of Mayan markings and artifacts. They have demonstrated their sketching skills by recreating symbols they have seen and drawing a plan of how they will make their own Mayan pot.

Next step...sculpting their own pots. Photos coming soon. 

Colour Monster!

Reception have been learning about how feelings and colours link together in their work on 'Colour Monster' The children then applied this understanding when they created their own 'Colour Monsters' and demonstrated their lovely painting skills.

Well done, Reception!

Year 1 Collage

In Year 1, the children have been creating collages and developing their cutting and sticking skills. This is part of the crafting strand of the art curriculum. 

Year 3 paint their volcanos

Year 3 have been continuing to work on the volcanos that are posted earlier on the page. They have been painting their sculptures, thinking carefully about colour choices to create realistic volcanos. 

Reception pebble pictures

Reception have been creating wonderful pictures of their families using pebbles! They have carefully placed and glued the stones to create their images. Well done Reception, they look fantastic! 

Year 3 Volcano Sculptures

Year 3 have been creating Volcano sculptures using Mod-Roc to go alongside their Geography topic. The children used a bottle and newspaper as the base of their structure then applied layers of Mod-Roc to create the structure and texture of the rocks. The children manipulated the material using their hands to create the desired effect. 

Sketching and proportions.

In year 4, the children have been learning about Leonardo Da Vinci and they have been developing their understanding of sketching and proportions based on his famous 'Vitruvian Man'. The children have developed different strategies to help draw people proportionally and are working hard to develop their sketching skills.  

Our wonderful art work from the academic year


Aboriginal art in Year 2.

In year 2, the children have been exploring aboriginal art. They looked at lots of different examples before creating their own. First, the children created a plan thinking about their choice of creature and use of colours in pencil before moving on to their final piece. For their final piece, the children used paint and created their image using lots of small dots. This creates a wonderfully colourful and patterned creature! They have displayed their work in the hall to share with the rest of the school. 

Scientific sketches!

Sketching is a skill that is developed over the years and applied to create different images. In year 6, the children have been applying this skill across the curriculum to create wonderful scientific sketches of animals they have been studying. 

Painting Picasso Style!

Year 4 have been learning about the fascinating work of Pablo Picasso. They created fact files detailing the events of his life. The children focused on the link between colours and emotions and used this to create wonderful mood boards. This understanding was then applied to Picasso style faces that the children then carefully painted. These colourful creations have been displayed in the main hall. 

Rainbow fish

Art is used alongside lots of other curriculum subjects. Beautiful images of the rainbow fish have been used to complement Literacy work. The children have thought about their colour choices when creating their images and a large rainbow fish has been made using a range of materials to represent the lovely scales. 

Happy New Year from Year 1!

Every year we decorate our entrance for Christmas with crafts from the whole school. This year our theme was Christmas trees. Each year group made a different type of Christmas tree to make our display magical! 

Christmas Entrance!

This year we entered a Christmas card competition for the Tees, Esk and Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust. Every child created a design and a selection was chosen from each year group to be sent off for the competition. Three of our children were chosen to receive a prize and have their designs turned into beautiful cards.

Well done to Tori, Annie and Grace!

A beautiful display in KS1 showing the wonderful colours of Bonfire night. The children have used paint and stamping techniques to create their vivid images and then collectively used collage skills to create the beautiful bonfire. 

Exciting Egyptian Art in Year 5

Volcano Sketches

Year 3 have been creating some exciting Volcanos that link with their Geography topic. They used mod-roc to create the shape and then decorated with paint and they look fantastic! Well done Year 3!

Year 3 Volcanos!

Christmas Preparation

In Year 4, the children have been developing their sketching skills and learning about the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci. They have looked at using correct proportions in their drawings and have been showing of their shading techniques. This wonderful work is displayed in the Year 4 classrooms. 

Sketching in Year 4