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Art and Design

Year 3's topic is Volcanoes. In Art we each drew a volcano design, we then got into groups and looked at each others designs to decide what would be the best shape and colours to use when we made our sculpture. Over the course of a few weeks we had been collecting recycled materials - plastics bottles, cardboard boxes and newspapers.  When we came to making our sculptures we chose which materials we wanted to use and attached them to a cardboard base. Once we were happy with our shape we used modrock to cover the materials. After it hardened we then painted it. Look how great they look!
In year 3 we have been making volcano sculptures out of junk modelling materials. We are very proud of  our volcanoes and had a great time making them. 
In Year 2, we have been learning about aboriginal art. We listened to an aboriginal story and drew our favourite part. Then, we created our own dot painting based on our sketch. 
In art we looked at different types of sculptures that can be found all over the world. We decided to make a sculpture of a volcano using junk materials and modroc. We worked in groups and had to evaluate our design and making process as we were going. Some children were trying to use pritt stick to stick the newspaper together and were finding this was not successful. They had to talk as a group and come up with a solution. After the children painted their sculptures and they look fantastic! Well done!
As part of our Design and Technology we had to design our own stocking thinking about the user, its purpose and the materials we were going to use. We then practised sewing before finally creating our stocking using felt. We all did a brilliant job sewing as it was tricky! Our stockings were ready to take home for Christmas to hang! 
As part of our volcanoes topic for our art project in Year 3 we had to make a volcano sculpture. We each sketched a volcano design, then in our group decided which bits of each persons we liked best , such as colours and shapes. Over a few weeks we collected old bits of plastic, cardboard and paper in preparation for making our sculptures. We spent a full afternoon working in our groups making the volcanoes. Once we had formed the shape we then covered them in modroc. When the modroc had dried, we then painted them. Don't they look wonderful? 
Today in year 2, we looked at the monsoon season in India and talked about the difference between this and the rain in the UK. After that, we listened to 4 different pieces of music including: gentle rain, heavy rain, thunderstorms and monsoons. Using that to help us, we painted what we thought the rain looked like and compared them all using the vocabulary associated with weather. 

We conducted pupil interviews to assess the children's knowledge of art skills, artists and their opinion of Art at Kingsley.

The children all expressed an interest in art and said they enjoy art lessons.

Ethan in year 5 said that he enjoyed art and they usually do it in topic.

Nicole in year 6 talked about having a special art box at home with pencils, pastels and paints in. She said she takes inspiration from her mum’s tattoos.



The children were able to name and explain different styles of art and designers.

In year 4 they studied Pointillism. Evie explained, “When you go up close, you see little dots but when you’re far away you see a normal picture.”


In year 6 they talked about Henry Mattisse. Nicole said “He painted with scissors when he had a disease.”


We looked at the progression of the children's sketching skills.

In year 4 Paige demonstrated how to use circles and shading to give illusions of light.

In year 5 Civadhanu explained the impact applying different pencil pressures and grips had on shading. He talked about thicker, darker pencils with different numbers on.

In year 6 Nicole demonstrated and talked about using different sketching techniques including cross hatching, feathering, shading and light.

Look at the progression in our sketching skills.


We made rocket collages as part of our topic 'Space'. They experimented with colour, texture and material.
Year 1 have been sketching and painting self portraits.
We used different media in Art as part of our Art topic and as part of local history week. Used charcoal to draw an image of houses around the steelworks. Practised and learned skills such as hatching, crosshatching, shading and blending.
We have explored colour mixing this week. The children could explain how to make different colours. 
The KS2 Base have been sketching self portraits. 

Year 4 have been exploring sketching lines and the human form.

We have spent a few lessons looking closely at a mannequin and recreating it in different poses in our sketch pads. First we explored how to hold a pencil when sketching. Then we practised drawing lines and trialling the pressure we were putting on the pencil. Finally we drew the mannequin. Beginning with the head and matching the proportions of that to the rest of the image. 

Aren't they good?

Year 4 have started thinking about their spring term topics and have had a go at using pointillism to decorate their Christmas cards and calendars. I wonder if they sent you one?
In groups, we worked together to design and make our volcano sculptures. We had to decide on materials we would use and work together to solve any design issues we had. We used materials such as pop bottles, cardboard, newspapers, glue and masking tape. We all decided to cover our volcano 'skeleton' with modroc because it can be molded and when it dries it is hard and sturdy.
In year 3 our topic is volcanoes! For our art project we made volcano sculptures. Working in groups we used cardboard, plastic, newspaper and modroc to build and shape our sculptures. We worked really hard on them and had lots of fun!  We think they look fantastic!
The children explored colour by mixing paints together. They used rollers, sponges and natural materials to apply and mix the paints together.
We have explored mixing colours. 

We have explored repeating patterns. 
We have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk. We painted the giants boots. 
Year 2 have been exploring the weather in India. This week they have been looking at monsoons and comparing these to the rainfall in the UK.  To portray this, they have been listening to different rainstorms using youtube and using paints to convey each storm. They heard gentle rain, heavy rain,  thunder storms  and  monsoons  and painted in the colours they felt represented each one. They then thought of some adjectives to describe each one including stormy, dangerous, electric and frightening. It was wonderful to see the individuality between each finished piece. 

The children enjoyed studying the works of Vincent Van Gough. They studied his techniques, influences and style pf paintings. As a school we focused on his painting 'Sunflowers'. Each year group re-created the famous painting using different medias.



The children shared their views on Vincent Van Gough, Art at Kingsley and how they feel their skills have developed. 


Elijah Year 3- "I Like painting the best. I enjoyed doing Aboriginal style art."

Sam KS2 BASE- "We do a lot of painting of Mario."

Bryson Year 1- "I liked looking at Starry Night. I like drawing stars that twinkle and go shoot."

Soren Year 4- "I liked doing World War 2 pictures in water colours. We change the tone."

Ella Year6- "You need to hold the pencil at the top to keep it loose for shading."

Alexia year 6- "We practised shadowing before putting it in our drawings."

Freya Year 5- "We used different shapes to build up the flowers."

Micah Year 2- "If you rub the paper the pastel smudges different colours together."

The Reception children have been exploring texture when making moons during our space topic.
Year 4 have started our new art topic looking at pointillism and the works of Georges Seurat. We have had a go at the technique using cotton buds to make dots. These dots together make a picture.
Nursery children are introduced to a variety of skills and techniques within their art work.. So far these have been observational paintings, collage work, printing, different pain techniques and sculpture.
Reception children build on the skills and techniques they have learnt in Nursery as well as experiencing new ones. They have learnt to design before making using reclaimed materials and modelling with salt dough.
Year 1 children drew observational pictures of trains based on their History topic. They then painted their pictures. A variety of collage materials were used to create Frozen scenes linked to their Geography topic.
Year 2 children designed their own printing blocks by making indentations and relief patterns. These blocks were combined and used to print a length of cloth to make an Indian sari. Aboriginal pictures were studied before children created their own art work using colours they had mixed themselves.
Year 3 children explored the use of crayons and different marks that can be created with them. These marks then helped the children create cave paintings that had been studied in their History topic.

Year 4 children studied an art technique called "Pointillism". They looked at artists work before creating their own paintings based on buildings such as the Eiffel Tower and the Transporter Bridge.

Year 5 children used their History topic to study hieroglyphics to make bricks thinking about which symbols and pictures to use.  Pastels were used to explore and practise different techniques to be used in a final picture depicting disasters. Year 5 also worked on mixing colours to create dark and light shades to help with painting volcanoes.
Year 6 children looked at mannequins to help them draw bodies to the right proportions. They could see the joints and where this could help movement in their pictures. They then designed war time posters linked to their pictures. They then designed war time posters linked to their History topics.
Key Stage 2 Base children explored a variety of collage materials to create their favourite Disney character. Clay pots were also made. The children manipulated the clay with their fingers and then decorated by painting.