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Life and Social Skills

At Kingsley Primary School we recognise the need for alternative curriculum learning to support the overall development of our SEND pupils with a range of complex needs. The alternative curriculum areas that take place each week are aimed to support those pupils who find social interaction and relationships challenging. It allows opportunities for structured social interactions with additional adult support both in and outside of the school environment. We believe these additional activities enrich our national curriculum for the SEND pupils with complex needs and provide experiences that benefit the whole child throughout the rest of their lives.  


The alternative curriculum/life skill activities include:

  • baking/kitchen skill sessions
  • snacktime/small group social times
  • hydrotherapy sessions
  • rebound therapy sessions
  • social afternoon at an offsite provision
  • time to talk social group
  • motor skills group/activities to support OT programmes
  • Little Stars –social interaction group for identified pre school pupils at an offsite provision 

KS2 Baking