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Welcome to the KS1 Engagement Base


Mrs Cooper

We enjoyed participating in our own sports morning in the warm weather. We weaved in and out of cones, crawled through a tunnel and exercised our muscles using the gym equipment. We had lots of fun!

Supporting France in the Euros!

We were given the county France to support during the Euro football season. We celebrated this by making a large flag and tasted yummy French food!

We loved the story 'The Rainbow Fish'! We participated in sensory play, arts and crafts, baked fairy cakes and various other activities. Take a look at what we got up to!

Ahhh! There's a Shark in the Park!

We enjoyed listening to the story 'There's a Shark in the Park'. We coloured in shark pictures, made telescopes and baked yummy cookies.

We enjoy participating in PE in the engagement base. Take a look at us enjoying an obstacle course in the hall.

Who knew that the little red hen could make a pizza! We began by reading the original story 'The Little Red Hen' and participated in many different activities about the story, varying from arts and crafts and practicing our fine motor skills by tracing lines. We then read 'The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza'. We had lots of fun with this book and made our own tasty pizza! We also learnt about shape and created our own pizza collage!

We loved listening to the nursery rhyme 'Old Mac Donald had a Farm' and created a fantastic display in our classroom showcasing our wonderful work. We learnt about the animals he had on his farm during our arts and crafts activities, as well as baking animal biscuits.

We enjoyed listening to the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and participated in various activities related to the book. We joined in with sensory activities, baked cakes and explored the different sounds of musical instruments.