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Coding progression at Kingsley

Learning how the world works is an integral part of our Computing lessons and children across school have been learning and developing skills in coding and writing their own algorithms to make events happen.   

In Reception, the children create programs to make the BeeBots move around the room. The children have a fabulous time learning what the buttons on the BeeBot do and exploring how to make it move forwards, backwards, left and right. 

Year 1 children have been exploring the word algorithm and what it means. They became human robots and explored different codes (such as: forward, backwards, left and right). We had great fun!

Year 2 enjoy completing 2code activities on Purple Mash to demonstrate how much their skills have developed since using Scratch Junior on the iPads in Year 1. Now they use words to create algorithms and need to use "when" and "if" to make different events happen. 

Year 3 have a blast developing their own Shark Game on Scratch. They use some very technical vocabulary and codes to make the sprites (characters) move around the screen they even join some of the codes to make their sprites follow the mouse and move in certain directions. It is great fun writing algorithms to make sharks catch the fish and very challenging to make a scoreboard! 

Year 4 explore codes in sorting algorithms work. They use the words 'else' and 'when' in codes to give other options to follow. They try to beat an intelligent piece of paper at noughts and crosses by following the strict codes that had been given. 

Year 5 enjoy designing and writing their own games using gaming software - Kodu. The children use all of the skills they learn in previous years to program sprites and make them move around a world they design themselves. Some very technical algorithms are often used well here.

In Year 6, we have been learning about computer systems and how they are all linked. We have paid special attention to networks and the idea that the internet is a huge network full of networks. We have also attempted to recreate sending messages in 'packets' through our own network. It was great fun and we even managed to put our packets together to build a picture. 

Take a look at some of the other amazing work going on around school...

Our Nursery children have been exploring the world around them by using Bee Bots, iPads and exploring other aspects of technology.

Year 3 have had a fantastic time exploring new software and have recently started looking at making and modifying music using technology. Doesn't it look fun?

Year 6 have been using Sketch Up. This is Computer Aided Design software and it is a very technical and tricky program. To start this topic, the children carried out their own product analysis (looking at buildings that already existed) before they drew their own designs on paper to scale. They then used these measurements to create their own 3D designs within the program. 

When evaluating their work, the children commented on their greatest success:


I have mastered using tools and measuring buildings to copy them out. I can use all of the tools to help me build my airsoft building and features in it.


One of my greatest successes during this project was measuring the width and length of my different creations. The measurement were very similar to the plan that I created the week before.


I was quite confident with the line tool, I also was getting better and now I have mastered the measurement tool.

Year 5 have developed their Digital Literacy skills well in Autumn. They used Microsoft Power Point to design their own interactive quizzes and some of them even successfully used hyperlinks to link their pages. Fantastic work guys!

Louca's Quiz

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Zach and Grace's quiz

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Year 4 have been demonstrating some wonderful Digital Literacy Skills when they have been making Power Points. Well done guys! You have thought very carefully about how to present your wonderful research.  

Year 3 have been thinking about the importance of security settings and keeping things private. Some wonderful explanations have been given about why passwords need to be secure. 

Year 5 have been exploring Stop Frame Animation. They are creating and filming their own animated scenes. It takes a very long time and lots of practise to take the images without accidentally getting their hands in the shot. They are working so hard! Keep it up guys!
Even the adults love getting involved in Computing! Miss Brough, Miss O'Boyle and Mr Matthews made a super team when they were building and coding a Lego robot even if they did get a little competitive. 

When the hard work pays off! Well done Miss O'Boyle and Mrs Easton!

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Year 3 have been turning everything they know about volcanoes into some excellent leaflets using Purple Mash. They looked at all of the different parts of the software to make their leaflet appealing.