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Transition for pupils with SEND

Pupils with SEND are supported through all stages of their education at Kingsley and when they move on to other schools including secondary school. The SENDCO and transition team work with pupils and parents to ensure that key transitions and any movement between schools both in and out of the local authority are supported and are as smooth as possible for the pupil.

Entering nursery

Pre nursery groups which are attended with parents and additional visits to nursery are planned for all pupils with identified SEN prior to the agreed start date. We aim to ensure that all pupils are comfortable in the school environment, that all nursery staff are fully aware and familiar with individual pupil needs and that a relationship is beginning to develop with pupils and parents. This transition period is not fixed and flexibility remains until the child and parent are comfortable with the nursery arrangements.


Moving between year groups and key stages

Each year in the summer term, all SEND pupils have transition visits to the next class and spend time with the new teacher and if necessary teaching assistants. All additionally resourced pupils and some identified SEND pupils with complex needs are provided with a transition book to take home at the end of the summer term.


Moving to secondary provision

Year 6 SEND pupils carry out an enhanced programme of transition individualised to pupil needs with identified mainstream, additional resourced provision and specialist secondary schools. This programme begins in year 6, where observations and group work takes place at Kingsley, before regular visits to their secondary school begin. To begin with, these visits are short however they increase in time over the year. All transition for SEN pupils is planned on an individual basis between SENDCOs and is bespoke to the individual pupil. We aim to ensure a successful transition to year 7 for all pupils with SEND. 

The aim of SEND transition throughout Kingsley is to ensure that all pupils are well prepared for key changes in their education and develop skills in preparation for their future years and adulthood.