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School Council

At Kingsley, we have a selection of children that run a number of events each term. Our School Council have weekly meetings, attend termly meetings with other primary schools and also go to an Annual Forum Conference alongside visits to Hartlepool Council Chambers. 


The children love being part of the School Council. We are currently looking for a new School Council and the children are putting themselves forward to be on the next one.


In recent years, we have organised events to raise money for charities. We have organised a number of Macmillan coffee mornings, a Jungle Sale to raise money for WWF and a Green Day to support Help for Heroes.


Our new school council's project is to support stray aid.

Stray Aid is a helpful place where unfortunate animals are saved when they have been lost, hungry, sad or have been treated cruelly. We are asking our families if they will kindly donate old towels, bedding and dog food that we can send to the kennels to help make the cats and dogs lives a little more comfortable while they are waiting to be homed.


Please, please, please donate what you can to help these poorly, sad animals in this cold shelter. 


Our collections will begin after Easter. 

Previous projects...

"Save the Bees!"


We are asking people to donate flowers and plants to create a

"Bee World" for our school.


A few facts about why we need to help Bees:

Bees pollinate 3 quarters of the world's crops

Our Bees are on the decline

If Bee's die, we die


We are making a haven to help our Bees 


Bees need flowers and flowers need bees! 

The school council like to make sure that no one is lonely on a play time. They have organised a group of children to help out on the yard and make sure no on feels left out or like they don't have a friend.


Introducing our new playground pals: Jessica, Macie, Dylan, Harry, Ethan, Harriet, Lillie, Jack and Lucas. 



Here are a few of the best bits from previous council members.


"My favourite thing about being in the School Council was seeing and listening to everything everybody had to say."


"I loved being in School Council because we went on trips and learned lots of things that I did not know before."