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History Information

At Kingsley, the History curriculum was designed and planned to give each child an exciting and interactive look in to the past and discover many different periods from the Stone Age right up to events which have taken place in the last decade.


The school will aim to give each child the opportunities to learn about the past in their local area and how this may shape modern life as well as further afield such as Egypt, Italy and South America.


We believe it is fundamental that children leave us with the skills to form their own opinions on a range of past events and we will provide them with opportunities to;


* Look at resources and sources from historical periods.

* Explore what these resources and sources tell us about the past.

* Explain how these resources help them gain information about the past.

* Analyse where they might find reliable information which will inform their understanding on previous eras.


We hope that each child will enjoy the experiences and opportunities that our new, broad History curriculum offers through an exciting range of artefacts, games, practical projects and exploration.