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Work we are proud of!

Year 2

As part of our topic about Mass, we enjoyed using the scales to weigh different items around the classroom. We made accurate predictions about what weight the objects might be and used mathematical vocabulary to compare different objects.



We asked the children across the school to show us some work they completed in maths that they are proud of. Look below to see their responses.

Harry- Year 1 “I learnt how to make numbers. I knew it was pretty tricky because I made a mistake there, I did a 7 instead of a 5. It was very tricky and it gave me a challenge. I like it and it’s fun.”

Oliver- Year 2 “I enjoyed completing this journal task because I liked answering the questions and I liked solving the problems in different ways."

Harvey- Year 3 “I really enjoyed this journal because I found it hard and I like challenging work. After some support, I was able to complete it correctly and felt proud of myself!”