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Take a look at our Literacy work in Year 1!

We had great fun on our trip and thought we would share it with you...

We have loved reading The Gruffalo!

We have had fun outside too...

After we read the traditional tale of Goldilocks, we created wanted posters, developed our vocabulary and retold the story.

Take a look at some of the work we have produced in Year 2.

We've developed many skills this term.

We have been very busy and had lots of fun in Year 3...

Ninja school! We learned about non chronological reports. We looked at school brochures from real schools and looked at the features. We found out that non chronological reports are written in present tense and are designed with the audience in mind. We designed our own ninja school and created a prospectus to encourage children to attend and presented our information in a variety of ways.

We went to Darlington Hippodrome to see a performance of mythical dragons and beasts. We designed our own beast and created character descriptions.

Take a look at our magical work in Year 4

In year 4 we enjoyed learning about Harry Potter in Autumn term. We read extracts from a range of the books and used this for our writing. We designed our own magical creatures and imagined we were Harry on his first day of the Triwizard Tournament.

In Spring term, we have moved on to the wonderful world of Narnia. We described the beautiful winter scene through the wardrobe and have created blogs imagining we had met the white witch.

We have learned so many skills in Year 5...

We are proud of the work we produced using our class novel.

Take a look at what we have been up to in Year 6!

We took on roles of interviewers and reporters to help us produce our newspaper reports based on 'Maze Runner'.

We have had fun playing games like 'guess my picture' and 'preposition bingo' to help us learn about the importance of prepositions and the different ways we can use them.

We've also enjoyed other games to help expand our vocabulary and learn rules for spelling.

Home Learning

Oxford Education are scheduling free Read, Write Inc Phonics lessons for childrne to watch at home; three short Speed Sound lessons with one of their trainers every day for 2 weeks. 


Set 1 at 9.30am and then again at 12.30pm


Set 2 at 10.00am and then again at 1.00pm


Set 3 at 10.30am and then again at 1.30pm


Please note that these films are streamed live and wont be available at other times. 


World Book Day 2020


We had an exciting day full of fancy dress, our favourite books, book marks, reading activities and other exciting tasks. 

Year 3 love our reading time on a Friday morning. The whole class, including adults, stop everything and all make ourselves comfy and read. We can choose where we sit - on the floor, at tables, on cushions or beanbags! Some of us bring in our own books from home whilst others choose to explore the bookshelves in the classroom!
In Year 2, we have been learning about non-fiction texts. With a partner, we were given a fact file about tigers but it needed to be ordered correctly. Once we had organised the text, we labelled the different features such as title, caption and picture. This will help us when we write our own tiger fact-file :-)

Character description


Year 2

In Year 6, We looked at tension techniques and tried to use these in our own writing.

Look at some of the vocabulary we have clarified.

Can you spot example of figurative language in our writing?

We used ‘Talk for Writing’ to plan our work. Using our pictures, we rehearsed each sentence before writing.

We summarised the description given in the text and drew a picture of the setting.

We practised identifying examples of figurative language and explored their meaning and effect on the reader.

In year 6 we have been trying new strategies and games to help us learn our spellings more effectively.

In Year 1 we have been looking at writing instructions, using interesting adjectives and writing a retell of our class story.
In Year 4, we have really enjoyed reading Street Child by Berlie Doherty and have created some excellent writing as if we were Victorian children in a workhouse. We created some very emotive freeze frames recreating what being a workhouse would feel like.
Thank you to our parents and carers who attended to our phonics afternoon to support our children in their learning.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed showing the adults how we learn to read and write using a range of phonics activities. 

In the KS1 Base, we have been reading 'The Little Red Hen'. We have discussed which characters we like and don't like, we have sequenced the story and rehearsed some of our favourite parts.

In year 5 literacy we have been writing our own newspaper reports. 
Bradley Chalkers ransacked Year 5 Kingsley classroom to give us an experience of what his own class would be like.

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Look at some of the wonderful work we have been producing in Literacy across the school.
Year 1 display about animals - information writing
Year 2 poetry
Acrostic poems about rememberance day
Year 2 traditional tales - jack and the beanstalk
Year 2 display
Jack and the beanstalk - traditional tales. Writing own versions of a known traditional tale
Year 2 fact files about Australia
Year. 2 writing - describing a scene
Year. 2 topic writing about Australia
We are so proud of our amazing work in Key Stage 1.

There has been some excellent writing going in Year 2.


In Year 3, we began planning a piece of writing about our favourite dessert. To help us plan, we each chose our favourite dessert and used each of our senses to describe – the look, smell, taste and texture.  We had to think of some alternative synonyms for the adjectives.  Then the best bit of the lesson....we got to eat our chocolate cake or ice cream – we had vanilla, chocolate and raspberry ripple to choose from!
Year 3 have been using their imaginations to create exciting narratives about World War 2. We used our understanding of WW2 to write letters home to our parents as though we were evacuees.We have also used "The Day the Crayons Quit" as inspiration for our own writing. 

In Year 4, we have found some awesome ways to practise our spellings at the beginning of our Literacy lessons. We use scrabble tiles, magnetic letters, whiteboard pens, highlighters and we play hangman too. It is incredibly fun.

Which activity would you choose?

We have had an amazing time in Year 4 writing our own narratives and visiting Narnia at Space 2 Learn.
Year 5 have enjoyed reading and learning about the Hobbit. They used drama techniques to enhance their writing and used a variety of ways to practise spellings in order to apply these in their work.
In Year 6, we have explored a range of genres throughout the curriculum. We expanded our knowledge of formal language to write newspaper reports based on the Suffragettes. 
Reception have been writing all about the jungle in their Literacy work.
In year 1, the children have been writing their own version of the traditional tale 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. They have also taken part in hot seating, where they pretended they are one of the characters from the story and the other children asked them questions.
Year 5 have been bringing their class novel to life by using role play to really empathise with the characters.
After creating their own unknown planets in Year 2, the children wrote a detailed description of their planet using some super vocabulary and adventurous adjectives!
Year 2 have been working hard to read and review a selection of our favourite books!
Excellent writing about the Easter Holidays from Reception...
A super recount of their trip to Shildon's Railway Museum from Year 1...