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Code of Conduct

As part of Kingsley School we all follow a special Code of Conduct so we can achieve our full potential!


Staff at school will:

  • Treat pupils with respect
  • Know their children and know their names
  • Have high expectations of themselves and their pupils
  • Model good behaviour
  • Teach and promote social and emotional aspects of learning
  • Investigate incidents carefully and promptly listening to both sides
  • Ensure the classroom and other areas of the school provide a safe and attractive learning environment.
  • Prepare lessons carefully to meet the needs and abilities of all pupils
  • Let you know how your child is doing at school, at work and at play
  • Involve pupils in deciding the class and school rules
  • Work with families and other agencies to ensure smooth transition


Children will:

  • Arrive at school in good time
  • Treat adults and other pupils with respect
  • Work hard in class and allow others to work
  • Respect and follow the agreed class and school rules
  • Look after other people in the school
  • Report bullying or any accident or other incident
  • Look after the school equipment


Family Will:

  • Ensure their child arrives in good time and with the correct clothing and equipment
  • Ensure that on school days children have had a good nights sleep and have eaten breakfast
  • Treat school staff and other school families with respect
  • Let the school know if and why their child is not at school today
  • Model good behaviour to their children particularly around the school site.
  • Respect the school and class rules
  • Park appropriately and encourage safe use of the school crossing patrol
  • Attend parents' evenings and discussions about my child's progress
  • Notify the school of their child's needs 

The code of conduct for visitors, contractors and volunteers can be found in the 'Visitors to our School' section on the website.