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Literacy Information

To find out how we support children learning to read please visit our phonics information page, linked below.

At Kingsley, we believe that language and literacy is fundamental to the overall development of children and their access to the curriculum in all its aspects. In the society in which we live, an ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, and to read a wide range of texts is essential if children are to achieve their potential throughout their school days and into their adult life.

The fundamental areas of Literacy are:
* Reading
* Writing
* Speaking and listening
* Spelling
* Grammar and punctuation
These skills are applied and embedded across a broad and balanced curriculum.

Interventions are in place for children who are struggling with phonic development, reading and writing. Children are supported using the 'Covid catch-up fund' and pupil premium funding.


How can you help your child?
* Practise reading their book each night
* Practise differentiated weekly spellings with your child.

* Turn the subtitles on whilst watching T.V. or even YouTube. Our eyes are instantly drawn to the text so children are exposed to words frequently, with minimal effort! 

*Share books at bedtime or anytime!

*Take time to talk and to listen

*Follow a recipe together

*Write silly instructions for each other to read and follow