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KS1 Base enjoyed listening to the Parable 'The Lost Sheep' in their R.E. lesson. They then enjoyed hunting for lost sheep around school.
Reverend and Mrs Share came into school and talked to the children about staying safe. They talked about staying safe when out and about and staying safe in their homes. They then told the children the Parable 'The Lost Sheep'.

In Year 5 we have watched video clips of Christians taking Eucharist to commemorate The Last Supper. We have discussed the ritual and how this could differ in different types of churches. 

We have designed an alter cloth which could be used at Eucharist.

Mr Robinson even joined in! 

We recently had a visit from Reverend Norman Shave, who came in to speak to the children about Water Aid.
He spoke to them about his travels to Africa and how he found that many communities had no access to fresh water. Drinking dirty water can make people very poorly so, Reverend Shave explained how he had taken part in a project to build a well in a village in Africa. This not only meant that the villagers had fresh water to drink, but it would also mean that they would no longer become ill from drinking the dirty water.
Here are some examples of the fantastic work completed throughout school in our R.E. lessons.

Year 1 had a great time when they visited Stranton Church.

The children have been learning all about churches and were able to see all the features of a church they have been learning about in their R.E. lessons

Some of the year 5 pupils had the opportunity to take part in Hartlepool's Interfaith Week. The children helped to put together a display of the work they had completed while learning about 'The Northern Saints'. The children shared their learning with pupils from other schools and were able to find out what others had been learning about in their R.E. lessons.
Here are some examples of the amazing work we have been doing around school.

Look to see what we have found out about the Northern Saints in Year 5

Year 4 had an amazing time when they visited Stranton Church!

Have a look at their adventures...

In Reception, we have been looking at special books.

Here are some special books the children have brought in from home.


"It is special because Mammy reads it to me." - Jessica

"It is a special present for Christmas from Auntie." - Bryson

"It is special because it is about where animals sit." - Poppie

In Year 6, we have been looking at what the Christian God's view of the world would be looking at it now after humans have desecrated it with a range of factors e.g. pollution, (noise, air, water etc), litter, deforestation and a variety of others.
Year 2 have been learning all about Hinduism and have thoroughly enjoyed making their own Rakhi bracelets! Look at how proud they are. Well done guys!
Below is an example of our children's fabulous work ranging from Year 1 to Year 6.

We love to celebrate our hard work around school!