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From the Head Teacher, Mrs Darby.


Welcome to Kingsley Primary School!

We are really pleased that you have taken the time and effort to find us.

Kingsley Primary School has 425 pupils and a 39 place nursery. We have received a number of national awards. In October 2000 we built a new Key Stage 1 wing together with nursery, funded by a government grant and the whole school has been refurbished to a very high standard. 

Our notable strengths are:

• A positive ethos – a strong family atmosphere
• A commitment to high levels of expectation in pupil performance and behaviour
• An effective and interested Governing Body
• A strong commitment to development and improvement
• An effective self- evaluation system
• A commitment to inclusion
• A commitment to a non-exclusion policy
• A broad, balanced, relevant curriculum for all our pupils
• A commitment to professional development for all staff
• A commitment to providing support for all children and staff
• A desire to provide the highest quality of resources for our school
• A vision to provide a happy, secure, relaxed, ordered environment which enables all children to reach their full potential academically, socially and aesthetically.


Our Values and Ethos
At Kingsley, children are at the heart of all we do.
All staff  play a crucial role in ensuring all children remain at the centre of our education.

Our Values are:
·      To treat everyone as an equal.
·      To provide a safe and secure environment.
·      To ensure every child achieves their full potential whilst in our care.
·      To learn respect for others, good manners, courtesy and display appropriate behaviour at all                               times.
·      To provide an education which is enjoyable, creative, of high quality and provides children with the                     skills to succeed in modern Britain.

·      To build positive relationships with adults and peers.
·      To ensure all children achieve regardless of their background, race or disability.

Our aims are:
·       To ensure our children remain at the heart of all we do.
·       To do everything within our power to ensure each individual child achieves their full potential.
·       To be a fully inclusive school and promote equality for all.
·       To actively promote self-confidence and build self-esteem
·       To provide a cost effective, broad and balanced education for all.
·       To widen our children’s experiences beyond the local community. ( globally, locally, nationally )
·       To prepare children for the future and teach them the skills they need to succeed to live in                                  modern Britain today.
·       To ensure our children adopt a positive attitude to behaviour for learning.
·       To develop rounded, well balanced children who appreciate and have empathy for others.
·       To ensure we safeguard all pupils to keep them safe and at risk from harm.
·       To treat all children as equals regardless of their gender, race or disability.
·       To provide a rich curriculum of experiences for all children.
·       To provide an effective, rigorous systems of tracking and monitoring to enable all children to                              achieve.
·       To provide experiences which promote and highlight citizenship, good health, sustainability,                                social, moral, emotional and cultural learning to ensure the promotion of British values.
·       To provide training and CPD for staff to develop and succeed and have impact upon the                                     teaching and learning.



Please enjoy your visit to our website. We hope you are impressed by what you see.