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Breakfast and Aftercare facilities



We provide breakfast and aftercare facilities every day.

Breakfast Club  (Lead Staff - Miss Puckrin / Miss Marshall) 

8am  8.45am - £2.00 Per child per day  (Also includes breakfast)

Kingsley Kid's Zone (Lead Staff - Miss Easton)

3.30pm - 5pm -  £4.00 per day for 1 child
                         £5.00 per day for 2 children
                         £6.00 per day for 3 or more children 
                         (This also includes a snack)


You must apply for a place by contacting the Lead staff in your chosen club or the school office.




"I like to go to breakfast club because I like four in a row."

"I like eating toast for breakfast and drawing pictures." 

"I like building castles with the blocks and playing with other children." 

"I like watching movies, playing games and getting food."