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We had great fun making stockings in our Design and Technology lessons. We came up with a design criteria, made prototypes to test what material would be best to hold together our stocking - we decided on sewing, then drew our stocking design before finally making our own! We tried really hard with the needle and thread to make our stockings look as neat as possible before finishing off with drawings and glitter. Look how fab they are! 
In DT, we made stockings for Christmas. Some of us made stockings for ourselves and some made one for others. We thought about the purpose of our stockings, for example, would they be a small decoration or to hold presents? This helped us to decide on the size of our stockings. We found it tricky at times but we worked really hard!
We have really enjoyed designing and making our own Christmas stockings. We went through the design process of making prototypes and testing the strength of different materials that held them together, looked at the design criteria we needed and then designed our own stockings. We decided that sewing would be the strongest and most attractive way to hold the felt together. We then finished them off by drawing pictures and adding sparkle and glitter to them!
As part of our topic, children had been learning about Captain Cook and where he travelled on his voyages. We learnt that he had visited Antarctica but he didn't arrive prepared. In DT, the children made their own tent using straws that he could have used when he arrived.
We applied our knowledge and understanding of building and strengthening structures using triangulation and reinforcement when building our own shelters. In class, we looked at the purpose of different shelters and experimented with different techniques to support and strengthen. Then, we built a shelter in the outdoors that would protect us from wind and rain.
Here we are with our finished stockings.
In year 3 we designed and made stockings. We first had to make a template out of paper (pattern) and use this to cut out our stocking shape. After that we used our practised sewing techniques to sew our pieces together. Most of us used an overcast stitch and some of us used a running stitch. Once our stocking was sewn together, we were then able to do our own designs on the stockings. Have a look at our photo's to see how we got on in our photos...

We created a design for a Diva lamp to celebrate Diwali because it is a festival of lights. We used air drying clay to make our lamp and learned techniques like rolling, pinching smoothing and making marks on our designs with different equipment. Once the lamps were dry we used our designs to help us paint our lamps. We put tea lights in them to complete them.

In Year 1 we prepared a delicious fruit salad.  We can peel, chop, slice and taste using equipment safely.  We know it is important to wash our hands properly.  We enjoyed sharing and talking about which fruits we liked best.  Some of us tried fruit we hadn't tasted before!

In Year 1 we made a sleigh for Santa. We created our own design and included wheels and axels to help Santa move his sleigh when there was no snow. Then we evaluated our work.

In the KS2 Base we learned all about where food comes from. We talked about how our food comes from plants or animals. We found out about how food is farmed and how farmers take care of animals and crops.

We then designed a meal for Miss Howe. We had to be careful because Miss Howe likes colourful vegetarian food that isn’t too spicy!

We were able to choose ingredients, equipment and talk about how to be safe and hygienic when preparing food.

Year 2 have been looking at standing structures in their design technology lessons. They have enjoyed discussing different structures around the world such as The Eiffel Tower and Big Ben. Their task was to design and make a tent for Captain Cook to use in Antarctica. They measured their straws, thought carefully about shapes and joined materials together well.
In the KS2 Base we learned about both English and Chinese food and where it comes from.  We talked about our preferences and the differences between English and Chinese meals.

In the KS1 Base we were able to choose toppings for our pancakes and say which ones we preferred.

We made our own money wallets for Chinese New Year and could watch adults using tools then copy the actions.  Some of us could use scissors to cut out the shapes.

As part of our Design and Technology topic,  we had to design our own stocking thinking about the user, its purpose and the materials we were going to use. We then practised sewing before finally creating our stocking using felt. We all did a brilliant job sewing as it was tricky! Our stockings were ready to take home for Christmas to hang! 

A banquet fit for a Queen

Year 1 have been looking at ways of staying healthy. They were set a challenge of creating a fruit salad that the Queen would enjoy. The children have explored different fruit and then chose the best ones to go in their own fruit salad.  

Year 2 were given the problem that Captain Cook is stuck in Antarctica with no shelter. They needed to create a freestanding structure which he could use on his expedition.
They used paper straws and sellotape to create a model that was strong, freestanding and joined together.

Here are some photos of how they got on:

In Year 4 we have have been working from a design brief. Our design brief was to 'create an authentic  Italian Pizza for a healthy choices menu in a restaurant'. We conducted research in the market and found popular pizza choices in restaurants. The next step was to, of course, sample the pizzas and evaluate them. We looked at calories in food and how many calories a person should consume (on average) a day. Taking all this into account we designed our own pizza. We could choose which base type to have - calzone proved a popular choice! We chose the toppings, cheese and sauce but we also had to make sure that it would be suitable for a healthier option menu. We calculated how many calories our delicious pizza would burden us with (Weight Watchers fans look away now!). Some children were flabbergasted at how many calories their tasty sounding masterpiece had amounted to! For some, it was back to the drawing board and time to re-think. Once we had perfected our design, we created an order form to confirm which ingredients were needed. After that, was the best bit! We made our pizzas. Mess haters look away now as 60 children managed to mix, knead and pull their ingredients into dough and add their sauce toppings and cheese. The pizzas were cooked and a taste test was conducted the next day.  We evaluated our pizzas and I think the children will agree... They did a fantastic job!  Gino Di Campo Beware!

The Great Kingsley Sandwich Off!

We practised our skills of chopping using the bridge and claw techniques.

We also used a grater to grate cheese and carrots.

We prepared lots of food for tasting.

Liam liked the taste of EVERYTHING!

Evie wasn't a fan of the olives they were too bitter.

In Year 6 we've been looking at shelters and improving them in preparation for Carlton Camp. One of the best ways of improving structures is triangulation. We were making photo frames. During the first attempt, we just made some squares; however, on the second attempt we used triangulation and they were a lot more sturdy than the first. 


Year 3 have been using textiles to create Christmas stockings. They have designed their stocking and used new sewing skills to join and decorate the finished article. Well done Year 3!

Year 2 have been learning about mechanisms in DT.


We made sliders and levers.


It was a little tricky but very fun!

Y3 have been learning how to make 3D designs from 2D shapes. They had to make templates and learn how to sew in different ways. Can you see their concentration faces?!

Some children made bags or pencil cases. Ben made a packet for his kindle to go in!

Well done Y3!

Reception have been doing some great DT work!

Teddy needed some wellies to go out in the puddles.

They investigated and evaluated materials that would not let water through to his feet.

When they decided what were the best materials to use they designed their wellies.

Then they had a go at making them with the materials!


Look at teddy's wellies.

In Year 2 DT we have been making freestanding structures. We decided to make an enclosure for Sheila the kangaroo because she keeps escaping from Captain Cook!

We looked at existing enclosures. Then looked at the best way to make structures strong and stable.

In our sketch pads, we designed our own enclosures then we used lots of different materials to make them.

Some of us struggled a little but after we made them, we evaluated our structures to see if they met our design criteria.