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On Tuesday 20th July, we arranged an event based on the Channel 4 television programme ‘Class of Mum and Dad’ (first screened in April, 2018). It was a series in which parents went back to school to study the year six curriculum alongside their own kids. As a result of the experience, parents believed that they had a much-improved understanding of the system and felt more confident about supporting their child’s learning.


In July 2018, we successfully created our own version of this for the current year 6 pupils and their parents. We focused the event on the exciting changes we have made to our mathematics curriculum. The morning was packed with exciting opportunities, such as:

  • Experiencing a Maths: No Problem! lesson (alongside your child) in a pressure-free enjoyable environment;
  • Learning fun strategies to help you children learn maths at home;
  • Enjoying an extended break, allowing you time to enjoy refreshments and break-time activities with your child/ children.

It did not include: tests, pressure to get answers correct or boredom! 

37 parents and 35 children attended the event. Please take time to look at the photographs, quotes and work from the event.