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Key Stage 2 base

In Science we planted radishes and peas. We looked after them inside until they were big enough then planted them outside  We made a plant diary to record the growth of their plants and observe how they changed.

The children had a fantastic Sports Day this year and took part in a range of exciting games. Everyone had lots of fun and all the children enjoyed an ice pop after all their hard work. 

In our topic work we learned all about rainforests.  We know where rainforests are in the world and what their features are.  

We spent lots of time learning about the different layers of the rainforest, which animals live in each layer and why.

We have also written some fantastic descriptions of African animals in our literacy topic. 

In P.E., the children completed a range of activities which were organised by a specialist PE Teacher from Dyke House School. They really enjoyed these lessons, had lots of fun with all the games and developed their skills. 

World Book Day 2021

The Lion Hunt

We enjoyed sharing 'We're Going on a Lion Hunt' in Literacy and were able to make up our own actions to go with the story. This helped us to memorise some of the words.  We also created amazing story maps to help us sequence and write a retell of the story.  

Snowmen Writing ICT Skills

In Literacy we completed some fantastic writing about some friendly snowmen.  We then used the skills we have been learning in computing to type our work onto these lovely snowflake templates..

We had a great time at our Christmas party.  We played lots of games, ate some party food and decorated Christmas biscuits.  We even had a visit from Santa! 

KS2 Base Christmas party

Remembrance Day

KS2 Base enjoying Halloween crafts

We explored a range of Quentin Blake books in Literacy and then the Children had to choose there favorite book and create a book review on there favorite story. 

Our first Literacy topic of the Autumn term was Alice and Wonderland. The children did some fantastic work on character descriptions of Alice and descriptions of some of the amazing settings in Wonderland. 

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Teacher Contact 

Starting this week , all children will be receiving a phone call from their teacher to discuss how they are getting on with their home learning. The teachers are really looking forward to speaking to the children and are eager to offer their support. Parents: the call will be made on a weekday during normal school hours (9:00am - 4:00pm) using a withheld number. These calls will happen weekly.*

Don't forget that we are also available via email 9:00am - 3:00pm every school day. 

We would love to hear from you. Children, parents and carers are able to use the email below to ask questions, share work and activities you have been doing or to just to keep in touch.

*Note: These calls will not take place during the Easter Holidays.

Why not try making this fun sensory circuit?  The only equipment needed is some chalk.  This activity will get you moving, help you concentrate and set you up for the day.  Perhaps you could think of your own themes and activities to include.

DIY Chalk Sensory Circuit!

A simple sensory circuit to provide regulation for children with Autism.

Home Learning

As the children follow individual curriculums in our base, please use the email address above to contact Mrs Worth in order to receive personalised, additional tasks for your child where needed. 

Mrs Worth's website suggestions this week are...
Ruby is still working hard at home - well done Ruby!
Luther has been learning all about what plants need to grow and be healthy. 
Luther has been working so hard on his writing.  It's getting so neat!
Another busy week from Luther - reading, writing, phonics and doubling.  Not to forget tree climbing.  It looks like you are having great fun Luther! 
Ruby is working hard on her Maths but there's always time for a unicorn!

Lovely pencil control from Luther and great pictures of the road signs you found. 

Super planting too - I bet your garden is looking beautiful!

Luther has been super busy this week! Check out what he has been doing below.

Luther has been learning how to share objects equally.  It was kind of him to share his sweets.
He carried out an experiment to find out how he could make ice cubes melt more quickly.  Putting them in the microwave was a clever idea Luther. 
Luther has been helping with the shopping and working hard on his reading.
 Congratulations to Dylan on achieving first place in an art competition with a beautiful nature picture made using leaves.  What a lovely prize too! 
Dylan has been working hard - what a fantastic improvement in your handwriting Dylan, this is so neat! 
Ruby is working hard - well done Ruby!

Luther has been very busy this week. 

He knows the story of 'The Lost Sheep' really well. He drew himself and his self portrait is amazing.

Luther also worked on some number bonds and decorated his window with lots of VE day pictures. You have been super busy this week Luther. 

Word searches, doubling, finding odd and even numbers and, of course, a unicorn from Ruby.  She has even drawn it some food and a drink!
Luther has had another busy week.  The rainbows for the key workers in your family are fantastic!
Ruby has worked hard at recognising coins and matching them to their amounts. 
Ruby has completed some work on shape at home.  Lovely neat colouring too! Well done Ruby.
Luther has been busy again.  He has produced some great writing about the story of 'The Lost Sheep' for R.E.
Luther's den looks really comfortable.
Luther has made a beautiful hand-print picture of a tree to celebrate Spring.  This is lovely Luther!
Luther hunting for materials in his garden as part of his science work.  He has even recorded what he found - great work Luther!
Some super Easter work from Ruby! We love your symmetrical chick!
Look at all of the fantastic activities Luther has completed at home - well done for working so hard Luther, we are very proud of you!
Luther has been very busy during the first week of our school closure!

KS2 Base enjoying World Book Day.

We enjoyed crafting for Halloween. Our cutting skills are improving well.
During Fun Friday we socialise, exercise, learn life skills and have lots of fun together.
We looked at the picture 'Castle and Sun' by Paul Klee and talked about the shapes, colours and patterns.  Do you like the castle pictures we created using the same technique?
We all took part in the coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan.

KS2 base went to an athletics festival at the Sports domes. They tried out lots of different activities and had lots of fun!

Millie: I really enjoyed the day. My favourite activity was when we had to try and score goals.

In the KS2 Base we learned about both English and Chinese food and where it comes from. We talked about our preferences and the differences between English and Chinese meals.
The KS2 Base have been sketching self portraits. 
We enjoyed taking part in the sporting tournament with Tees Valley.

This is where we work.

We are learning how to prepare snacks for ourselves.

Number formation, counting, less than and more than, money and shape.

PE festival at Marsh House - We loved playing wheelchair basketball, dancing and hula hooping.

We enjoyed designing, making and painting our Christmas decorations.
We work hard in Literacy and have been exploring Quentin Blake books this term.
Look at all of the things we have been learning in Numeracy ! Number bonds to 10, doubling and halving, sharing equally, money, time and lots more.
We were very excited to take part in a P.E. tournament at the Sports Domes in Seaton.  We will be attending more sessions throughout next year along with lots of other primary schools in Hartlepool.
In P.S.H.E. we talked about emotions then used different colours and textures to make a feelings collage.
Our science topic is seasonal change.  We looked for signs of Autumn and investigated how to measure changes in the weather.  We have also completed some art work using a range of different materials, including Autumn leaves.
We enjoy spending time socialising together.

Our topic this term has been 'Transport.'  We used different materials to make wheels and enjoyed testing them to see which design worked best.

In R.E. we have been learning about how and why Christians celebrate Harvest.

We love baking.  Do you like our beautiful Christmas cake decorations?