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At Kingsley Primary School, we understand and value the importance of Science as a core subject within the National Curriculum as it provides the foundations for understanding the world. We strongly believe that all of our children can succeed in Science; demonstrating their knowledge and skills by explaining what is occurring, predicting how things will behave and analysing causes (NC, 2014) whilst developing a sense of curiosity and excitement for discovery.


Our vision is to provide a Science curriculum that enables our pupils to confidently explore and discover, building a deep understanding of the scientific concepts.

We want all children to:

  • Ask questions and develop key Working Scientifically skills across a range of enquiry types to answer them
  • Build links between knowledge and transfer learning between topics
  • Broaden their vocabulary and use scientific terms to explain their thinking
  • Solve problems by reasoning
  • Apply their scientific knowledge and skills to a range of contexts
  • Believe that they can succeed and welcome the challenge to do so

In order to achieve this, we follow a bespoke, meaningful curriculum, which we are continuously developing, to meet the needs of all learners at Kingsley Primary School and have a positive impact on their scientific outcomes.


By teaching through Science Models, we can enable learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of the key concepts of Science and equip them with skills that can be applied to a range of contexts, leading to deep learning and a mastery of Science.


Children are also taught and encouraged to use a broad range of scientific vocabulary in their investigations and to explain their ideas.


Children begin their Science experiences in EYFS through informal investigation within the setting. Teachers help to facilitate children’s curiosity with open-ended questions and carefully planned learning experiences which are both child-led and adult-led.


In KS1 and KS2, children continue to build on their Science knowledge and skills through more formal Science lessons, with cross-curricular links to other areas of the curriculum where appropriate. Our progression document shows carefully sequenced knowledge and skills, which can be developed as children progress through school, ensuring a secure understanding of each concept.


By providing these opportunities and developing their Science capital, we aim to ensure our children become confident learners, who will continue to explore the world around them. They will recognise the importance of science and the impact on our lives, taking this with them to Key Stage Three and beyond.