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At Kingsley we follow the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised Programme. This is a complete systematic, synthetic phonics programme which follows the letters and sounds teaching sequence. 


On this page you will find our phonics policy, useful links to videos and documents to support parents/carers as well as information on decodable reading books. 



Phonics Policy

Programme overview for the teaching of phonics and early reading from phase 2 to phase 5

How to correctly pronounce the first section of phase 2 sounds

Correct pronunciation of sounds is crucial to early reading. This video will show you how to correctly practise the first section of phase 2 sounds with your child.

A guide to our formation rhymes and pronunciation support for the first set of phase 2 sounds

How to correctly pronounce the second section of phase 2 sounds

These sounds follow directly on from the above phase 2 sounds. Here is a video to demonstrate the correct pronunciation.

A guide to the formation rhymes and pronunciation of the second set of phase 2 sounds

How to correctly pronounce phase 3 sounds

This video will demonstrate the correct pronunciation of phase 3 sounds. These are taught once a child has mastered phase 2 sounds.

A guide to the catchphrases which match the phase 3 sounds

Letter formation rhymes for capital letters

How we teach blending

This video will demonstrate how we teach blending in school. Sounding out the graphemes in words and blending them together is how your child is learning to read in school.

How we teach tricky words

This explanation of tricky words and how they are taught in school.

Quick guide to Alien words

Alien words check whether a child understands and can apply the sounds they know. These should not be read regularly, only as part of assessment, such as the phonics screening check. This video will give a quick guide to what they are and how children will read them at these times.

Information about the Year One Phonics Screening Check


The Phonics Screening Check is an assessment to check a child’s ability to read words using phonics rules. This is the school’s first formal way of checking your child’s phonics progress and helps the school show the overall progress of children in Year 1. It also helps highlight if any extra support needs to be given.


Please note that in 2021 the phonics screening check will also take place for Year 2 children in the Autumn term. This is due to the national lockdowns in Spring 2021. 

Guided Reading 

All children in Reception to year 2 take part in guided reading sessions at least twice per week with a teacher and teaching assistant. During this time they work in small groups to share a text which allows them to practise the sounds they have been learning in phonics. These sessions allow children to apply their knowledge and practise segmenting and blending, fluency, prosody and comprehension. We use the Little Wandle reading books during these sessions to ensure continuity between learning and application. 

At Kingsley, we use a fully decodable reading scheme to support our phonics teaching. This means that children will access books which match their phonics ability and allow them to read confidently and fluently at their own level. This year we have been lucky enough to purchase the Collins Big Cat reading scheme all the way through school from Nursery to Year 6. Below you will find some information about our reading scheme and how you can support early reading at home. 

Information for parents about our new reading scheme

Guidance to support reading at home for children in Reception and Year One

Guidance to support reading at home for children in Year Two

Guidance to support reading at home for children in Key Stage 2

Our reading promise signed by parents and carers.

Big Cat reading book progression chart for children working on letters and sounds phases 1 to 6. This chart is a list of all of the decodable reading books available in school and the sounds you will find in each one.