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P.E Premium Spend and Impact – April 2018- April 2019

April 2018-October 2018






Balance brought forward






Reception outdoor area



Outdoor area to be developed in September 2018.

-More evidence for the area physical development.

-Progress monitored closely in termly meetings.

See EYFS lead and teaching staff to discuss impact in further detail.

Reception learning journeys.

Individual tracking sheets.

SIMS data analysis.

April funding allocation (June 2018)

+ £8183




Additional swimming – April –July 2018

(Specific children Y4, Y5, Y6 identified who had not achieved the expected standard)



% of children able to swim 25m in one stroke is increasing.

  • of children meeting the new standard has doubled (cohort 2018-cohort 2019). This proves the additional targeted lessons are having an impact on progress and attainment.

Swim records.

After school sports club assistant

April – October – S Matthews x

£9.50 an hour

X 8 hours a week

£76 (13 weeks)

  • £988



Greater participation in sports clubs – see breakdown.

Improved preparation for cluster sports events.

Participation levels and success in cluster events.

Specialist table tennis coach

-£20 a session

22 weeks=





High levels of school success in table tennis competitions. Kingsley represented Tees Valley again in the recent games.

Competition records.

Specialist Gymnastics coach

KS1 club+ KS2 club

-£15 a session

X 2 a week


7 weeks = £210


High quality gymnastic coaching delivered.

More opportunity for children to perform more complex movements (link to skills covered in children’s hobbies).

This year, children will compete in the Gymnastics cluster event.




Trampoline for rebound



Rebound therapy can now be delivered by trained staff in school on a daily basis for named SEND children.

See rebound records and SENDCO.

Hiring of Brierton Sports Hall – competitive intra school sports- Rec – Y6

£50 a session for 60 chn.



All children in reception – Y6 will compete in intra school activities/competition.

Children will compete in teams across the cohort as greater space is available in the local sports hall.

Possible sports leaders to be identified from a range of year groups for further training.

Pupil interviews.

Staff planning.

% of children competing in intra school competition.

After school sports assistant – running specialists

7 weeks (£9.50 a week)



Before September 2018 no running club was available. All chn were given the opportunity in September 2018 following feedback from an open assembly.

Targeted chn from the previous year’s cross country offered further training for this year.

Greater success in cross country competition. More children will qualify for the town event.


Performance in cross country event.

Link to community club.

Wake up and shake up breakfast club September – October x 7 weeks- three members of staff each day

£9.50 an hour x 4 hours a week £38

x 7 =£266

x 3 staff = - £798


Before the club only 2 % of chn participated in a sports club before school.

Now ____ of children are participating in a sports club before school.

PSHE link – healthy eating choices for breakfast. Liaison with the outreach team to select individual children for club.


Case studies

Pupil interviews

Markings for the daily mile



Markings will ensure children are running the daily mile accurately.

Data shows the daily mile has improved – fitness levels, concentration levels, ability to set personal goals and work towards them.

Data collected from questionnaires.

Comparison available from the start of the daily mile to May 2018.

Cluster payment



Children are able to participate in cluster events and when successful town and Tees Valley finals.

See competition records.


Playground markings








Markings to be completed by October half term. Evidence to be uploaded immediately after.


Pupil interviews