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Sports Day 2021

We had so much fun on our sports afternoons.  Everyone tried their best and set themselves individual challenges.  As we were unable to invite spectators, we took lots of photos to share with you! Please click on your child's class below.  We hope you enjoy them.   

Our PE lessons are filled with fun, excitement and the opportunity to learn and develop our skills in gymnastics, games, dance and swimming.  More importantly, we evaluate throughout and think carefully about how we can improve in the future.  Look at our page and see what we have been up to!


Spring Term was our Gymnastics topic and we have had lots of fun trying out different positions with our bodies to move like animals. We also practised log rolls and different balances such as a dish. 

In Reception, we have been doing 'Pirate PE'. We have been practising different ways to travel and move around apparatus. 

Year 1

In Gymnastics, we have been using the parachute as part of our warm up! It was lots of fun! We have been practising bent leg and straight leg stepping as well as putting our bodies into different positions to help us perform an egg roll. 

Year 2

In PE, we have been practising our leaps and balances. We have been focusing on how to perform a scissor and cat leap. Working in small groups we then put together a short sequence that included a 3 point turn, leaps, balances and an arabesque. 

Year 3

Year 3 have had a tennis coach in school this term. We practised different skills such as balancing a tennis ball on a racquet and moving, passing the tennis ball from racquet to racquet, hitting the ball to a target and small games of tennis. We had lots of fun and some of us were lucky enough to attend a tennis competition stemming from these sessions! 

In Year 3, we loved learning about hockey for the first time. Look at some of the amazing skills we learnt. 

"It was my first time tying hockey and I enjoyed applying my skills to mini games. I made it to the final twice."- Isabelle, Year 3


"I enjoyed learning how to dribble around cones and using the different strategies"- Jack, Year 3


" I found it tricky to hold the hockey stick properly but after lots of practice, I was able to do it."- Paige, Year 3


"I enjoyed dribbling around the cones. My team were fantastic and we won the race." - Willow, Year 3



Year 4

During the Spring term, Year 4 have really enjoyed Gymnastics and learning about the different balances and rolls. 

In Year 4, we loved learning about all the skills needed to play Basketball. Look at some of the amazing skills we learnt!


"I enjoyed playing the match on the all weather pitch. I now know how to take the ball off an opponent. I can perform a chest pass and catch a ball using the W hand shape."- Louca, Mr Simpson's Class


"I enjoyed playing the mini- games in small groups. I learnt how to perform a bounce pass and a chest pass. Next time, I want to learn how to dribble with more confidence"- Amelia, Mr Simpson's Class.


"I really enjoyed practicing passing and dribbling. We then took this and used the new skills in a small sided game."- George, Mrs Warrick's class.


"We learned how to pass and shoot the ball. The best thing was playing fun and exciting games with my friends. The most important thing is to win and lose in the right manor."- Toby, Mrs Warrick's class

Year 5

In our Gymnastics sessions, we have been building our skills in balancing, leaps, travelling and rolls. We worked in small groups to watch and help each other practise each skill. Some members of the class demonstrated their moves and we spoke about constructive and positive feedback in order to help each other improve. When practising the different skills, we spoke about how our muscles felt in each position and how we would need to try and keep our body in certain positions in order to help us carry out the leap/balance or roll correctly. We also watched some videos on gymnastics in a variety of settings and discussed how gymnastic skills can be transferable across different sports. 


Year 5 have had a great time learning how to play dodgeball. We looked at different types of throws, how to move to avoid being hit and learned the rules of play. We enjoyed playing with and versing the other Y5 class in our PE lessons. 

Year 6

Year 6 have been going Swimming this term in order to achieve our 25m and swimming a range of different strokes. 


Y6 have been practising their invasion skills to help them prepare to play full games of tag rugby. 

Home Learning Opportunities
Since Lock Down began again in January, we have been taking on lots of PE challenges at school and at home. Have a look at the videos below to see what kinds of things we have been getting up to. 

Kingsley PE Challenge 1

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Kingsley PE Challenge 2

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Kingsley PE Challenge 3

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Kingsley PE Challenge 4

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