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78% of children on track leaving EYFS

79% of children on track leaving KS1

82% of children on track in upper KS2

In Year 2, as part of our ‘Land Ahoy!’ topic, we have been finding out more about the discoveries of Captain James Cook. On his first voyage, we learnt that he visited Australia and found some curious, new animals along the way. We researched different human and physical features of Australia, finding out about lots of different landmarks and compared them to our landmarks here in Hartlepool. Take a look at the amazing aboriginal artwork that Y2 have created. Can you spot the interesting duck-billed platypus and kangaroo?

In Year 2, linked to our local history week topic studying the Trincomalee, we plotted the voyages of the famous ship on a map. We learnt some fun songs to remember the 7 continents and 5 oceans too. Check out some of our map skills below that we either completed in school or at home.

Do you know the 7 continents in order of size?

Still image for this video
When asked about what they enjoy about Geography, these Y2 pupils replied by saying they enjoyed learning about different places around the world and wanted to share this song with everyone. Victoria said, "I hope this helps people learn the different continents too!" How amazing Year 2!
Throughout different topics, classes have been showing off what they have been learning about whether it be mapping Captain James Cook's voyages around the world or learning more about the geography of Hartlepool. Take a look at our Geography displays around school. 
In year 3 we have been using atlases to find European countries, their capital cities and what their flags look like.
We have been using atlases to look at the features of different countries. We used the key to look at the different land heights of different countries. Did you know that Africa has mountains over 2000m high? We compared the environmental features of the UK and Africa and spoke about the various human and physical features in areas.
In Year 3 we have started to look at the ordanance survey key. We used the key to find out the meaning of different symbols on a range of maps.
What amazing rain collectors we have created in Year 2! Today we explored how the monsoon rains help the farmers in India. We then thought about how the rain helps the crops grow in the UK. We created rain catchers to record how much rainfall we have in the UK over Autumn and Winter. Keep an eye out around school for our rain collectors.
Year 2 have been looking at Monsoon rains and how these are formed in India. They completed an experiment which showed food colouring drop through shaving foam. This demonstrated how the rain falls from the clouds and into the air.
Nursery had a fabulous time learning about the Arctic!

Reception have been learning about 'The Jungle'. We used the Globe to locate England and Madagascar. The children could explain that we live in a town called Hartlepool which is in a country called England. We talked about ways we could travel to Madagascar and then made vehicles using construction. 

"You could go in an aeroplane because they can fly over the oceans."- Finn

"It's too far away to walk or go on a bike or a scooter or a Segway."- Toby

Children have been learning about India and monsoon rain in topic. Then, they created their own rain collector to collect and measure rainfall outside our classroom.Children enjoyed measuring the amount of rainfall each day.

Year 3 worked as a team to make group volcanoes.


They picked the best parts from each other's designs and put them together to make a group sculpture.


They all worked well together and solved problems as a team.

Look at these amazing finished volcanoes

In Reception, the children have been looking at maps to see where Madagascar is. We decided we could not walk there so the children have made some vehicles to travel there.

Yellow group made an aeroplane, Green group made a boat and Red group made a helicopter.

Year 6 have been applying their atlas skills.

We have been learning about Volcanoes in year 3 this term!

Did you know?

'Eruptions are caused by pressure under ground'


' Magma is melted rocks'


'Pompeii was destroyed by a volcanic eruption on the 24th August 79AD'                                                                                                               Evie

Nursery went on a trip to the Forest School and enjoyed exploring and observing the different features of their environment.

Reception completed a comparison between the Jungle and Hartlepool during their topic. They thought about different buildings, landmarks and weather.

KS1 SEND base have explored different maps this year. They looked at a map of the world and then followed their own map around the classroom. 

Year 4 have been completing cross curricular Numeracy and Geography looking at weather charts. They were able to interpret the data to develop their location knowledge.

Year 5 completed a case study about the Haiti earthquake looking at the location, causes, effects, management and statistics. Here are some examples of their work.