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Blue Monday!

In school we celebrated Blue Monday. This is a day where some people's moods can be generally low and  We aimed to put some brightness into this day and asked children to come into school wearing bright colours. We aimed to raise awareness of support children's positive well being and mental health and show children that when we are feeling down, there are always little things we can do to make us feel better. 

Online Safety

Year 6 have been discussing the importance of being respectful and responsible online. They know about how Social Media can have an impact on their lives both now and in the future. In lessons, they have looked at the term "Digital Tattoo" and discussed what it means to develop a positive presence when accessing different websites where they might play games or talk with their "real life" friends. 

Road Safety

Year 3 enjoyed learning about how to cross the road safely during their pedestrian training. The visitors showed them how to cross the road from behind a parked car and at a T-junction. They also learnt the importance of looking both ways when crossing. 

Anti - Bullying Week 2022

We celebrated anti-bullying week in our school this week. Each class completed activities which helped to create awareness around this very important subject. This year, the theme was "Reach Out" and we aimed to teach children about how important it is that we always try to help by telling someone about anything that we see happening that we don't think is right. This involved activities ranging from How to be a good friend in Reception and Year 1 to the importance of the role of a bystander in year 5 and year 6. 

Here are some examples of the work and activities we have completed this week in school. 

Safety First!

Year 1 have been looking at putting safety first in PSHE. They have completed various activities looking at how they can keep themselves and others safe. They learned about safety at home, people who keep them safe and how to keep safe around medicine.  

The Colour Monster

In Reception, the children have been looking at situations that can leave us with a lot of mixed emotions. They used the Colour Monster story to help them work through some of these emotions at the beginning of their school year in Reception. Here is some of their lovely work.

NHS Week 2020

In March 2020, the whole school took part in an NHS week where we celebrated the service the NHS provide us and how it helps us. Little did we know just how grateful we would be to our NHS and all they had done over the next 12 months. 

We arranged for NHS staff to come into school and discuss their job roles, we had an ambulance come into school and explored inside, we took part in a competition to design a thank you card or letter and took par in many more exciting activities. Here are some of the activities each year group participated in:


EYFS - We learned about paramedics, doctors and nurses. We created some displays.

Year 1 - They had some visitors from some student nurses and paramedics.

These photographs show the posters that we created as part of our learning about the role of a Paramedic during NHS week. The information on our poster was gathered from the visitors that came into our school.

Year 3

Year 3 had a visitor from a Charge Nurse from the Orthopaedic ward at Hartlepool hospital. He told then about how he came to be a nurse and shared some of the great things he has done during his time as a nurse. He showed them some replica bones and some screws that help keep these in place when they break. Beforehand, both classes had prepared some questions to ask him. He was very good at answering all of their amazing questions.

Year 4 looked at the role of the dentist in the NHS. They made their own videos on how to brush our teeth correctly and explored the effects of sugary drinks on our teeth using eggs.

Year 6 explored the world of cardiovascular surgery and care. They completed lots of activities that would explore the skills needed to work in this field such as fine motor skills, prescription writing, problem solving skills and memory games.

Year 3 

As part of our getting on and falling out topic, we looked at a series of scenarios in which we had to decide whether the character in each was a victim of bullying. Once we had decided we had to come up with a list of reasons as to why we thought they were or weren't. We then fed our ideas back to the class and compared thoughts.

We learned the importance of teamwork and communication skills when working on our cooperation jigsaws. All of of puzzles were mixed and we had lots of each other's pieces. We had to work as a team and were only allowed 2 minutes to discuss strategies before we had to solve our puzzles. We found it a bit tricky but got there in the end. Here are some photos of us completing of silent task...

We had a special visitor come to our school and see us in year 3- PCSO MARK SAY

We asked lots of questions, tried on some of his uniform and found out some shocking facts.


Hoax calls

From 01 June 2018 to 31 May 2019 – 657 hoax calls in CLEVELAND

294 hoax calls from 01 January 2019 – 31 May 2019 for an average of 2 calls per day

In PSHE we have been reviewing and setting goals. At the start of Year 3 we set up a 'Fabulous Fortunes' display, where every child set a goal that they wanted to achieve by the end of Year 3. Last week we reviewed these goals and most of the children have achieved them and have set new goals. For those who have not yet succeeded in their target, we have discussed together how we can make sure that they do achieve this by the end of Year 3.
In PSHE we are covering 'Getting on and falling out'. Our task today was to complete the jigsaws in complete silence, with no pointing or gesturing at all. The trouble was all of our jigsaws were jumbled and we had each other's pieces. It was very tricky but we all managed it in the end! Yellow table found it the hardest to stay quiet and green table were the best. Before the task had started they had decided to work as a team and pour all of their pieces in the middle, collecting their pieces once they were all in one place- The whole class was fantastic at team work and managed to get on well the whole time! Well done!
As part of PSHE, Year 2 have been looking at life saving skills. We looked at what to do if we needed to help someone who has had an accident. First, we learned about a conscious casualty and how to shout for help. We then found out what to do if someone was unconscious. We practised the recovery position and phoning an ambulance.

In Nursery we have been talking about our families. We have also been learning about ourselves.



We have been talking about classroom rules.


Year 1

We have made a set of classroom rules and have spoken about the
importance of these.


Key Stage 1 Base

In KS1 base feelings are important. The children always show how they are feeling by placing their face on the
appropriate feeling.


Year 2

We have been discussing ways of being a good friend.


Year 3

Children have been setting goals for the future.


Year 4

We have been talking about ways of making unhealthy foods healthy.


We have also been discussing ways of being a kind friend.


On Wednesday 2nd May, year 3 had a visit from a local PCSO. He explained all about his job and how he works within the community. The children were also able to ask questions all about the emergency services they have been learning about in PSHE. The officer even let Connor try on his stab resistant vest.
In PSHE we have been learning about the emergency services. We have discussed who can help us in an emergency and have discussed hoax calls and the effect they can have on the emergency services. To show our understanding we wrote some acrostic poem
We had a very special visitor- PCSO Mark Say- We found out that a PCSO is a police community support officer- He doesn't usually arrest people but does help people in need. 
We talked about when to ring 999 and when to ring 101- We also discussed hoax calls to these numbers and he told us the age of criminal responsibility is 10 years old. 
"If you are 10 or over and make a hoax call you can get taken to the police station" Lucas
Year 2 have been looking at safer strangers in PSHE. We learned who to approach if we found ourselves in difficulty around the area. Here are some of our children sorting who is a safe stranger to ask for help and who may be dangerous. We all agreed people in uniform such as police officers, the fire brigade or medical staff would be able to help us. We also looked at safe buildings to go for help such  local banks, police stations or large shops.

The week beginning 13th November was Anti-Bullying week. This year’s theme was

                     'All different, All equal’.


We have created our own jigsaw to show that together we are one big family but we all have different interests. Each child created their own rainbow to show that we are ‘all equal’ but we ‘all different’ because we like different people, hobbies and toys


"We have been talking about bullying. We are all the same but like different things." - Alexis


"It is ok to be different because we all have different friends." - Isla

Year 3 played a game of tangled web. We passed the string to others and explained how we are the same and different.


Brooke said, "I am the same as Alissia because we both wear earings. We are different because Alissia wears a bow."
Alissia said, "I am the same as Brooke J because we both have brown hair and we are different because we wear different types of shoes."
Vinnie said, "I am the same as Joseph because we have the same eye brows but we are different because Joseph has a Kingsley badge on his jumper."
Lucas said, "I am the same a Saphere because we are best friends and we are different because I am a boy and Saphere is a girl."
Year 5 have been having an intense debate regarding whether music with inappropriate lyrics should be aired on the radio! What do you think?

Year 1 have been doing a bit of role play. 

We have been making our own goals  - Megan

We have been acting out problems and solving them - Leyland 

In Year 4, we have been discussing what can be a barrier for learning. We created board games to show different learning journeys and enjoyed playing on them with our friends.
Year 5 have been having  lots of debates in PSHE which the children have really enjoyed and become really enthusiastic about. Some of them will make great politicians one day.
The children in the Key Stage 1 base know what makes a good friend and what makes a bad friend.
Year 4 enjoy using circle time and talking partners to discuss issues. Here they are talking about what makes a good learner and what they need to be able to learn successfully.