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STEM Lecture at Hartlepool Borough Hall

October 2023

We were offered the exciting opportunity for a small group of year five and year six students to visit the Borough Hall for a STEM Lecture by Professor Danielle George MBE. She talked about her roles at NASA and the European Space Agency, where she helped to develop instruments used to research the Big Bang Theory. It was very interesting and she also answered some of our questions. We felt very inspired by her work and greatly enjoyed the afternoon.

Whole School STEM Project 2023

Sustainable Living

This year, we have all taken part in a STEM project based on sustainable living.

Each year group was given a question to explore and then we tried to design and make a product based on what we had found out.

There were some wonderful ideas, which were then presented in the hall during our STEM Showcase.

Some of us even won a prize for demonstrating key skills such as problem solving, effective communication, resilience and evaluating.


Have a look at some of fun we had and the work we created!

Nursery - What is the best recycled material to make a shelter for a farm animal?

Reception - What is the strongest recycled material to make a bridge for the troll?

Year 1 - How can we make a toy from recycled materials?

Year 2 - How can we reuse a material to give it a new purpose and help the environment?

Year 3 - How can we create shelters that can be easily transported to an area of need?

Year 4 - Can we design an underwater sampling tool for a remotely operated vehicle (ROV)?

Year 5 - Can we use classroom litter to create a litter picker?

Year 6 - Does locally-sourced food result in more sustainable living?