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PE spend and impact Apr 2016-Apr 2017



April 2016


October 2016





+ £3222 = £12,741




During the Summer term, we evaluated as a school the impact of the additional swimming lessons. Due to the changes in costings for our normal swimming lessons, our allocated swimming lessons would reduce from 2 year groups to 1. The progress (levels and confidence), pupil responses and parent responses confirm our belief that swimming provision is of the upmost importance for our children. As our current provider can now only provide for 1 year group with our budgeted swimming cost centre, we have agreed to use some of our allocated PE premium to continue to provide additional swimming lessons for Y3 and Y4.





Y3 Swimming

Mill House

(Additional to our normal allocated school swimming)


Y4 Swimming

Mill House

(Additional to our normal allocated school swimming)

Weekly swim session – 1 hour pool time


X 4 swimming teachers


Access to three differentiated training pools


Children are assessed against the Swim stage awards


Costs for Sept 2016-July 2017










  • Clear tracking of individual progress for swimming
  • Chn highlighted earlier for top up swimming sessions
  • Differentiated groups x 4 – improved quality of assessment
  • Greater coverage of skills
  • Due to the smaller group sizes and access to three pools with varying depth, children are swimming for a greater proportion of the lesson time
  • Progress can be seen on individual class tracking sheets and our percentage stage tracker.

Table Tennis

Two sessions a week for table tennis including an after school and a breakfast club.


  • Link to the table tennis community club
  • Quality table tennis coaching
  • Greater participation rates from KS2 year groups
  • Development of coordination skills
  • Progression in outside competitions
  • Y6 Mentor skills


Additional sport relief activity.


  • All chn in reception accessed the Yogabugs activity
  • Participation in new activity

Balance bikes

Session for reception children.

Follow up session organised for children who lacked confidence.


  • Children gained confidence on balance bikes
  • Children were highlighted for extra intervention sessions
  • Concerns were noted for children who struggled with gross motor skills.

SEND Sport Network

Scheme bought so pupils with SEND have access to suitable inter and intra schoool tournaments


x 3 CPD sessions for staff


  • Inter-school tournament participation rates for children with SEND has increased dramatically over the year.
  • Teachers and teaching assistants have gained skills in provisioning similar tournaments so inter-school tournaments can be held (Reception to Year 6).
  • CPD sessions delivered by specialist SEND teachers have been arranged to improve the quality of P.E delivered to children with SEND.

Total spent £12,504

Balance to spend before April 2017- £237