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Geography Information

In line with the 2014 Primary Curriculum, we have developed a new scheme of work which aims to ‘inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and it’s people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives’.


This curriculum has been developed with the Kingsley children at the heart of it! It progressively builds upon the skills that have been taught in previous years and allows children to develop a broad understanding of Geographical vocabulary through every key stage. Our curriculum is enquiry-based which means that the children endeavour to answer an over-arching key question which allows them to delve deeper into specific areas of Geography. Ultimately, this helps us to achieve our goal of capturing the imagination of children and intensifying their thirst for knowledge.
Additionally, key location and place knowledge and understanding will be frequently developed throughout the year. Wherever possible, this will be linked to the focus of their enquiry however to prevent confining children’s knowledge to these areas, a wide range of places from around the world will be studied in skills lessons. 


Another further two fundamental aspects of the Geography curriculum are forming comparisons and fieldwork skills. Opportunities for the children to develop these skills are embedded throughout the subject. They will learn mapping skills and use directional language and apply these skills when participating in fieldwork trips/activities.

We have also invested in exciting new resources to aid the children in their geographical learning journey! These include:
·         3 sets of the latest editions of Oxford Atlases:
                -  Oxford Very First Atlases
                -  Oxford First Atlases
                -  Oxford Primary Atlases

·         All children have access to a range of maps
                 -  Illustrated World maps
                 -  United Kingdom maps