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Hey Guys, 


Visit this page everyday for our whole school challenges. When you have completed a challenge, email your teacher to show them and it might even end up on this page too. 

Friday 17th July

Drop everything and read. On a Friday, we have reading time in school and some of us get very comfortable, spread out and choose interesting ways to sit. Choose a comfortable spot on different days across the summer and enjoy reading. We can't wait to hear what you have been reading when you come back in September. 

Thursday 16th July

Find an alphabet!

Write down every letter of the alphabet and find an object for each of the letters throughout the day. List the names of your items in alphabetical order and tick them off your alphabet list as you go. Good luck!

Wednesday 15th July 

Think about something that you have achieved while at home during lockdown. It might be something that you couldn't do that you can do now or it might be something you did for someone else that you are proud of. It might even be something that someone else is proud of you for. We can't wait to her about your achievements. 

Tuesday 14th July

In 10 days we will need to wear face masks in every shop we go into. Some people might forget. Design a poster to remind people of the importance of wearing masks in shops and other busy places. 

Monday 13th July 

Have a numbers day. Count things and record them. How many slices of toast will you have for breakfast? How many pairs of shoes at the bottom of the stairs? How many book son the shelf? etc. 

Friday 10th July

Drop everything and read. On a Friday, we have reading time in school and some of us get very comfortable, spread out and choose interesting ways to sit. Choose a comfortable spot today and read for 20 minutes. It could be any spot, maybe under a fluffy duvet or something like reading on a trampoline. Get inventive.

Thursday 9th July 

How many letters do you have in your name? Can you find the same amount of items that begin with the first letter of your name?

Was that easy? Now try with your full name. 

Don't forget to send us pictures!

Wednesday 8th July

Another sporty challenge. Find a safe space in your house or in your garden and design an obstacle course for other people to follow. You may need to draw a map and label it to show your family what they need to do. 

Tuesday 7th July

In the summer when the weather is nice it is always fun to go on a picnic. Plan your own picnic. Where would you go? What delicious food would you eat? Who would you go with? 

Monday 6th July

Now you know which teacher you will be with next year, think about all of the things you would like your new teacher to know about you. Draw a self portrait and write some sentences around the picture to help your new teacher get to know you a little better. 

Friday 3rd July

Drop everything and read. On a Friday, we have reading time in school and some of us get very comfortable, spread out and choose interesting ways to sit. Choose a comfortable spot today and read for 20 minutes. It could be any spot, maybe under a fluffy duvet or something like reading on a trampoline. Get inventive.

Thursday 2nd July

Using recyclable material or a variety of other junk to create your own animal. You could make paper plate jellyfish or a box giraffe. We can't wait to see what you decide to create. 

Wednesday 1st July

Today is the first if the month. Think about something you want to achieve this month and write or draw yourself a plan. It could be to read a full book, learn a new card trick, get to a certain level in a game you have been playing, learn a completely new skill or something totally different. When you have decided on a goal draw a picture and write a little explanation of what your goal is and how you will work towards achieving it.

Tuesday 30th June

Keepy up challenge. Choose your own favourite sport and see how many 'keepy ups' you can do in 1 minute. You could use a tennis ball and racket, a football and your foot, a basketball/netball and your hands. Be inventive.

Ben's Keepy Ups

Still image for this video

Monday 29th June

While we have been at home, lots of you will have watched lots of different films. Which was the best one you have watched? Would you recommend it to a friend? Why was it good? Present a short review of your chosen film any way you want to. 

Benjamin has watched lots of films and has an excellent recommendation:

Films that I’ve watched during lockdown

· Cars 3-2nd

· Up-4th

· Bugs life-5th

· Inside out-7th

· Onward- 1st

· Bolt-8th

· Monsters. Inc-3rd

· Incredibles 2-6th


Out of all the films that I’ve watched during lockdown, I think that Onward was the Best!

This film is made by Disney Pixar and is about two boys named Ian and Barley Lightfoot who live with their mam Laurel. Sadly, the boys’ dad passed away when they were young. Barley (the oldest son) only had 4 memories of his dad but Ian (the youngest son) had none. On Ian’s 16th birthday, Laurel gave them both a present from their dad. He had left them a special gem, a wizard stick and a note that was a magic spell. The boys set out on a quest to bring back their dad for a day and have lots of magical adventures along the way.

I would recommend this film to a friend because it was really funny and makes you laugh. It’s also a great family film and has something for everybody.

I would rate this film 10 stars out of 10


By Benjamin Addison

Friday 26th June

Drop everything and read. On a Friday, we have reading time in school and some of us get very comfortable, spread out and choose interesting ways to sit. Choose a comfortable spot today and read for 20 minutes. It could be any spot, maybe under a fluffy duvet or something like reading on a trampoline. Get inventive.

Thursday 25th June

Summer is the best time to have smoothies. Think about your favourite fruits and design a delicious smoothie for this hot and summery day. Send us your recipe in case anyone wants to try it out. 

Wednesday 24th June 

It is incredibly sunny at the minute. While you are outside you need to remember to wear sun cream. Can you think of a way to remind people of how important sun cream is? It could be a rap, a song, a dance, a poster, a leaflet, a PowerPoint, a painting or something else. Get creative!

Tuesday 23rd June

Take some time for yourself today. Think about things that you enjoy doing and that calm you. 

What will you do? Listen to music, colour, draw, read, nap, etc. Let us know what you get up to.

Monday 22nd June

Saturday was the longest day of the year in 2020. This is known as the Summer Solstice. Draw, sketch, paint or collage the perfect summer sunset. Think about what colours you may need to use and maybe even think about what other colours you might include. This can be a fantasy sunset with blues and greens if you wish. 

Friday 19th June

Drop everything and read. On a Friday, we have reading time in school and some of us get very comfortable, spread out and choose interesting ways to sit. Choose a comfortable spot today and read for 20 minutes. It could be any spot, maybe under a fluffy duvet or something like reading on a trampoline. Get inventive.

Thursday 18th June

Can you find an object in your house for every letter of your first name?

For example: if you were called Sue you could collect a sock, an umbrella and an egg.

We can't wait to use your photos to work out what your names are.

Wednesday 17th June

Hopefully the sun will be shining again soon and when it does we need to be safe. Can you design a poster to remind everyone how to stay safe in the sun?

Tuesday 16th June

The shops opened again yesterday and lots of people are using public transport again. To use public transport now you must be wearing a face covering. Today's challenge is to design your own. What would it look like? What would it be made out of?

Monday 15th June

If every house needed a flag, what would yours look like? Design your own flag and label it to tell us what the pictures and colours represent.

Friday 12th June

Drop everything and read. On a Friday, we have reading time in school and some of us get very comfortable, spread out and choose interesting ways to sit. Choose a comfortable spot today and read for 20 minutes. It could be any spot, maybe under a fluffy duvet or something like reading on a trampoline. Get inventive.

Thursday 11th June

Rainbow challenge – Can you take a photograph of something for each colour in the rainbow? This could be in your house or when you are out on a daily walk.

Wednesday 10th June

How many green items can you find in your house?

Tuesday 9th June

Play a game! What is your favourite board game? You could play it at home or design your own board game and make it out of paper for your family to play. Send us a picture. Let us know who won!

Monday 8th June

Design a bird feeder. There is a lot of wild life around at the minute in people’s gardens and the parks. Think about how bright and colourful the bird feeder well need to be in order to encourage birds to come and visit.

Friday 5th June

Today is World Environment day.

The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the climate that makes our planet habitable all come from nature.

Yet, these are exceptional times in which nature is sending us a message:

To care for ourselves we must care for nature.

It’s time to wake up. To take notice. To raise our voices.

It’s time to build back better for People and Planet.

This World Environment Day, it’s Time for Nature.

Follow the link below to find more information about the day. There are lots of things you can do to keep animals safe and help the environment. We have thought of lots of activities you might want today as your challenge. You might want to pick one or do a few.

  1. What is your favourite thing about nature? Can you tell us why it is your favourite thing and what we can do to preserve it?
  2. Life Hack! Can you think of a way to recycle or reuse something in a way that might help the environment? Is it a life hack? Have a go. Create your own YouTube style video to share what you have recycled/reused. Maybe have a look at some recycling life hack videos first to see what you could make or do.
  3. Design your own Nature Scavenger Hunt for a family member to complete. What might you add to it? Birds chirping, a smooth rock, a spiky bush, an animal habitat etc.
  4. Could you make a shoe box habitat for a small animal? Don’t forget to do a little bit of research to see what a small animal would need inside their home.
  5. Phonics challenge – Can you be a detective and hunt around your house for the following graphemes – oa, a_e, ng, ee, ck, i_e, er, ea, sh, or?  Let’s get creative! Using recycling, empty packaging or old magazines, can you find words to match the categories. Check out the picture below for an example.
  6. Spelling detectives. Can you complete the task above using a spelling rule you have learned in your year group? Could you use a specific prefix or suffix? Could you find homophones or near homophones? Have a go! We can’t wait to see what you find!

Don’t forget to email your teacher and share what you have done. We can’t wait to see your World Environment Day work!

Thursday 4th June

Come dine with me! If you could hold a dinner party, which 3 guests would you invite and why? What would you feed them? Maybe draw a picture of the meal you would serve or design your own menu.

Wednesday 3rd June

X marks the spot. Hide something that is special to you somewhere in your house. Now draw a treasure map for someone in your family to locate the item you have hidden.

Tuesday 2nd June

How long can you stand on one leg for? Have a little practise. Decide which leg is your strongest and then ask a grown up to time you. No hopping though. You need to be as still as possible. Good luck

Monday 1st June

A sunshine challenge. 

Have a look in your garden or while you are on a walk and find a beautiful flower. Look at it very carefully without touching it and then sketch a black and white drawing of your flower. Remember to shade it by pressing a little lighter or a little harder with your pencil to make the shade of colour change.

Thursday 21st May

At the minute everyone is still in 'homeschool'.  Your challenge today is to give your school a name, a logo and design a school uniform. We cant wait to see what ideas you come up with. Remember they can be as cool and crazy as you want. It's YOUR school. 

Wednesday 20th May 

It is a strange experience having to stay at home but still do school work. Some days are fun, some are sad and some are exciting. Can you design your own emoji to show us how you are feeling today? Try and make it different to all of the emojis that we know and have seen before.

Tuesday 19th May

While we have been in lockdown, lots of us have started new things to keep us entertained. What new thing have you done? 

If you haven't done anything new yet, what would you like to do or learn while you are at home? 

Would you like to learn to knit, tie your shoes, bake things or something else? Let us know. 

During lockdown Maymuna has tried to make her first ever pudding. We think it looks lovely!

Monday 18th May

If you could have anything in the world for breakfast tomorrow, what would it be? Draw us  picture and label it. I wonder what yummy meals you come up with.


Friday 15th May

Write your own rules for staying safe online. What should we be doing? How can we remember the rules for staying safe? Could you write it as a song or a rap?

Thursday 14th May

A sporting challenge! How quickly can you do 10 star jumps? Can you do 50 star jumps? How long did that take?

What about 100? 


Wednesday 13th May

Today's challenge has been set by Mrs Ord.

Today is Miss Santos' birthday. Because we are in lockdown, it would be lovely if you guys could think of an inventive way to say happy birthday. A photo of a card, a poster, a video of you singing happy birthday, anything. These can then be sent straight to her on the Year 3 email:


I bet she will be over the moon! 


From Harry

Still image for this video

From Reuben

Still image for this video

From Katie

Still image for this video

From Harry and Paige

Still image for this video

Tuesday 12th May

Go on a colour hunt. Choose your favourite colour and try and find as many things of that colour as possible. You could take a photo, draw a picture or write a list. 

Monday 11th May 

Build a tower! Choose your own object to build with and try to create a tower as tall as you can. Remember to ask permission and to think about whether your items are safe to build with. Can you make it taller than you?

Friday 8th May

Today is the 75th Anniversary of VE day. 

People all over will be celebrating in a number of different ways. Lots of you have already been making flags, singing songs, having street parties (with social distancing) and decorating your houses. 

Check out the latest news on our homepage for a link to a song you could learn for VE day. Don't forget to let us know how you decided to celebrate. 

Thursday 7th May

Think about something you have done while in lockdown that has made you proud. Have you helped around the house more than you normally would? Are you proud of something you have drawn or something you have made?


Take a photo, draw a picture or just send an explanation of something you are proud of. 

Wednesday 6th May

Choose your favourite window in your house. Sit comfortably and sketch an image of what you can see outside. We can't wait to see what you draw. 

Tuesday 5th May 

We are all proud of things in our lives. Something you might have done or created. Your challenge today is to draw a picture of something you are proud of.

Monday 4th May

Lots of people say that 4th May is Star Wars day (because of the phrase "May the force be with you". If you change the word force to fourth it becomes quite funny).


In the Star Wars stories, there are lots of different aliens that can communicate with each other. If you met an alien, what might it look like? Would it be kind? What might you talk about?

Draw us a picture or a comic strip including your alien and let us know what they are like.   

Ruby has created an alien and explained what special features it has. 
Ava has created a comic strip about an alien and what she might say to this alien. 
An awesome comic strip and description from Luther. Rosie sounds like a very nice alien.

Friday 1st May 

Lets's have a calm start to May. Sit silently for 5 minutes. Think about your senses and list 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste can you represent these as a picture, a list or a labelled diagram.

Thursday 30th April

Stranded! If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you take with you to help you survive? List 5 things in order of importance. 

Wednesday 29th April 

Have an opposite day! Choose an activity (or a few) and try and do it with the “wrong” hand today. If you are left handed use your right hand or if you are right handed try your left. You could brush your teeth, write your name, carry a bag, throw a ball, catch a ball, open doors and any others you can think of.

Tuesday 28th April

What floats your boat? Can you design and make a boat that will float in your kitchen sink? Think about what shape it will need to be, what material it might be made from and what it can hold when it floats.

Monday 27th April

Trace around your hand and write in your 5 favourite stories.

Friday 24th April

Make a den in your home using fabric, cushions and other furniture so long as you have checked it is okay with your grown up. Don’t forget to take a picture and send it to your teacher via email.

Thursday 23rd April

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were a superhero? Draw a picture of yourself as a superhero and label it with your super power and what you would do with it.

Wednesday 22nd April

We know while you are at home you will be reflecting on how strange things are at the minute. Take a bit of time today to think about 3 things you are grateful for and let us know. If you are grateful for something that someone does for you, make sure that you let them know how grateful you are for that.

Tuesday 21st April

Origami is the art of folding paper and making it look like something else. Can you fold paper to make anything? Lots of you can make airplanes but can you fold paper to make anything else?

Monday 20th April 

Choose your favourite animal and write down 5 key facts about it. 5 things that are interesting about that animal.

Friday 3rd April

A challenge for our artists! Can you sketch or draw 5 examples of nature you can see from a window in your house?

Thursday 2nd April

Let’s get active! How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute?

Sophie from Y5 managed 77 star jumps!
Samuel managed to do 92 star jumps!
Logan and Willow had a fabulous time jumping during today's daily challenge. 

Wednesday 1st April 

Think of a hilarious joke and share it with your teachers. It can be one that you have written yourself or one that you have heard before! Make sure it is appropriate!


We can't wait to see your responses and hear some fabulous jokes!

Logan has a fabulous joke!


'I wrote a song about a tortilla. Well actually, it’s more of a rap'

Sebastian sent a brilliant joke to Miss Spowart:


It says : Why do you never give Elsa a balloon? Because she will let it go.

Tuesday 31st March 

Draw picture of as many of your favourite things using only your favourite colour. Don't forget to label it!

Monday 30th March 

Today's challenge is to find 10 items in your house and your garden that start with the letter 'p'. 

Can you collect them all and take a photo?

Can you write your own list of them?


Don't forget to email* your collection to your teacher! 

We can't wait to see what you collect.


*email addresses can be found on class pages.