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EHC Plans (One Plan)

An Education Health Care Plan in Hartlepool is known as the “One Plan”. Its purpose is to ensure that the special education provision meets the special educational needs of the child and to secure the best possible outcomes for them across education, health and social care. An EHC plan can be requested by the school or parents when a child has not made the expected progress and concerns remain despite the school providing clear alternative teaching methods, interventions and support for the child.

A request for a statutory assessment is submitted to the local authority for the SEND Panel to decide that the degree of the child's Learning Difficulty and the nature of the provision necessary to meet the child's special educational provision through an Education Health and Care Plan.  This Panel meet every 4 weeks to consider applications.  The Panel includes representatives from education, health and social care.  Following the SEND Panel meeting, the SEND Team will contact the parent to inform them of the outcome of the meeting.  If the decision is the child does not require an assessment and the parent disagrees with the decision, they can talk to Hartlepool Information Advice and Support Services.  If a parent is still unhappy, they have the right to appeal to the First - Tier Tribunal. (For further information see Hartlepool Borough Council Single Co-ordinated Assessment –Education, Health Care Plans)