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Local History Week 2022

We all enjoyed being back in school to find out more about what makes us proud to live here in Hartlepool. Each year group carried out a study into an aspect of Hartlepool's history and produced some amazing displays to celebrate their findings. Take a look at what we have found out this year!

Year 6 have explored the impact the shipbuilding industry had upon the development of Hartlepool. They have produced some terrific advertisements that could have been used to lure people into the industry at the time. Check out their amazing efforts below.

Year 5 found out some amazing facts about being a steelworker and why it was an important industry to Hartlepool. They looked at old maps of Hartlepool to see how the town has changed over time since 1913, analysed a poem about the Steelworks in Seaton and used inference skills to see what they were able to learn from the poem about how life was as a steelworker. Moreover, they explored different sketching techniques to create their own industrial landscape. Pupils enjoyed listening to an audio clip of someone talking about their time as a Steely. Year five commented on how they had learned lots of things that they didn’t know before and then discussed in class the pros and cons of being a Steely.

Year 4 studied the bombardment of Hartlepool and the impact it had on Hartlepool's residents at the time. They used various sources of information to collate evidence and produced some informative leaflets to show off their understanding. Pupils enjoyed studying maps and photographs to find out more about that area of Hartlepool.

As part of the Y3 Local History study, they were trying to answer the question: Who helped Hartlepool grow? As part of their investigation, they invited some local Historians in to share some sources of information. They used these sources to find out more about Ralph Ward Jackson and Sir William Grey and how they helped shape Hartlepool. Pupils enjoyed ordering chronologically the key events of Ward Jackson's life and produced a factfile about his greatest achievements.

Year 2 have explored the significance of having this fascinating ship in our town of Hartlepool. They sequenced the journey of the trincomalee and how it ended up here in Hartlepool. They used sources of information to ask and answer questions they wished to find out more about and produced some posters to attract people to visit this famous landmark.

Year 1 have been comparing different types of houses and enjoyed going on a learning walk to make observations of the types of houses around our school. Then, they looked at older housing from within the last 100 years and formed comparisons.