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Art and Design Information

At Kingsley, all children are encouraged to develop their artistic creativity while learning new skills, often within the context of their topic work. They are given opportunities to experience different approaches to art and design, working individually, in groups and as a whole class. Although art and design is integrated across the curriculum, we value the skills that are specific to art and ensure that Art lessons have a clear skills focus. 

Throughout Key Stage 1 and 2, an awareness of colour, shape, texture, line and shade are developed alongside the use of various medium such as paint, pencil and materials. Within foundation stage, every child has access to various arts and crafts materials in order to experiment with creative play from an early age. All children will be given the opportunity, at their own level, to evaluate their own work and see their art work celebrated.

Within school, the study of a wide range of artists, craftspeople and designers will complement their work to encourage an understanding of the impact artists have on culture and the world around us. .

Please enjoy looking at photographs of work created in each year group.