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Important Letter for Y6 Parents/Carers


12th July, 2021

Dear parent/ guardian,

    I am sure you agree that this isolation period for the Y6 children has come at the cruellest of times. We all share your frustration and disappointment that it has happened this way. However, as always, the safety of your child and your family is the priority and I’m sure you all understand. 


To make the best out of this situation, arrangements have been made to mark the occasion of your child leaving Kingsley and for you to receive important information (such as your child’s school report). Please see the sections below for more details. Important: please ensure your child continues to isolate – they cannot come to school with you to collect anything!  


School reports, personal belongings

If your child has a sibling in school today, we will send your Y6 report home with him/her. We will also send any personal belongings from Y6. 

The reports and belongings of all other Y6 children will be available for collection from the school office from 3:20pm today. 

If you cannot collect from the school office, it will be delivered to your home address on Thursday 15th July. 


Free school meals

If your child is entitled to free school meals, a food package will be available for collection from the school office from Tuesday 13th July


Leavers’ assembly 

On Friday 16th July at 10am, we will be hosting a virtual leavers’ assembly for your child and details to join the assembly will follow.


Leavers’ Pack

We are currently working hard to make a pack to celebrate your child’s time with us at Kingsley. This will include: a leavers’ book, a Kingsley pen, a DVD, a free copy of your child’s individual report photo (professionally printed) and some special messages from the staff at Kingsley. These will not be available until Thursday 15th July. On Thursday, we will either send it home with a sibling or deliver it to your home address. 


Carlton Photos

For those of your who have already ordered and paid for the Carlton photos DVD, it will be included in your child’s leavers’ pack (see previous section for details). 

If you still wish to purchase one of these, please ring the school office to make the order and arrange payment. We will need all orders before 12pm on Wednesday 14th July to enable us to make them in time. Once we have your order, the DVD will be added to your child’s leavers’ pack. 


Work packs

There will be work packs available for collection from the school office from lunch time today. The work will reflect the expectations we would have had if your children were in school this week. If you feel that you can provide tasks such as mindful colouring and puzzles yourself, there is no need to collect one. 


If you have any questions/ concerns that you would like to discuss with us, please contact us by calling the main school office. If your child develops symptoms, please ring the school Covid phone asap (07714518313). 


Thank you. 


Kingsley Leadership/ Y6 Team.