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Maths - No Problem! Parent Guides

To all Kingsley parents/ caregivers,

Maths - No problem! Parent Guides are available to all parents/caregivers of children in Y1-Y6. It is designed to support you while children are at home. If you are not already aware, this is the scheme of work that we use in all Maths lessons at school. Your children will be very familiar with it. Before going into more detail, we would like to acknowledge that this will require time that you may not have. Therefore, it is optional!



How will it help?

It is an online version of the textbooks and workbooks that your children use at school. You will be able to:

Access maths content for your child’s year group, including lesson objectives

Find the answers to textbook and workbook questions

Get extra support as you navigate the MNP lesson structure


How can I access it?

​This is not open for all schools to access. You have special authorisation as Kingsley have invested into the scheme. Therefore, you will need a login. Your child's class teacher can sort this for you - all they need is your:



email address.

The quickest way to do this is to email these details to the year group address located on the class pages - many of you have already been accessing this to send work. Alternatively, the teachers will be asking if you are interested in signing up when they make their weekly calls this week.



We will be adding more information on the website once we have organised parent subscriptions.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please email the teachers, ask during the weekly calls or access the following link


Remember: this is an opportunity not an obligation!