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Our new School Communication App

Dear Parent/Carer,


We are pleased to announce that we are all set up and ready to roll out our new school communication app that we informed you about earlier on in the school year. If you have already completed the form and returned to school with your contact details then you should receive a text message over the next couple of days from ‘TheSchoolApp’ as below:


 ‘Your school have given you access to receive private app messages. To verify your phone number, please follow this link’


Keep this message as you can use the link to set up your access to the app.


Please see below some instructions  we hope will help with the set-up:


  1. Ensure you have downloaded ‘TheSchoolApp’ for your mobile device.
  2. Follow the link that you have received on your mobile device.
  3. Confirm your mobile phone number when prompted.
  4. You should then receive a text message with a verification code to enter onto the app.
  5. You should then be prompted to enter a PIN code to provide extra security when using the app.
  6. Should your phone have the ability to recognise Face ID or Touch ID, you will be prompted and asked if you would like to use this instead of entering your PIN for the future. If you have been sent a code but you don’t complete the authentication process, you will be asked to complete the PIN set up the first time you try and access a private message.
  7. You will now see the school and pupil/s you are subscribed to by name. Next tap the ‘Done’ button.
  8. You will then be taken to the home screen of the app that will always display the School’s Calendar, Latest News items and Newsletters.
  9. You will also notice that there are 5 tabs along the bottom of the screen. ‘Home’, ‘Calendar’, ‘School’, ‘Messages’ and ‘More’.
  10. The ‘messages’ section is where you will see private messages that guest users will not have access to. For example, the messages may be information about your child’s class trip, information about a club they attend or could be a personal message sent only to yourself regarding them individually.   


Guest Users

If you have not been given app access by school and have not been through the authentication process, you can still view TheSchoolApp as a guest user. Once you have tapped into the app through your device you will be asked if you have received an SMS invitation from the school. Tap ‘No’. This option is great for the likes of Grandparents or extended family members who want to keep up with the latest news at Kingsley, Newsletters, holiday dates etc. but haven’t been granted access for private messages. 


You can find a link to a more detailed guide if required here.


If you have any problems with the set up please don’t hesitate to contact the school office on 01429 273102.


Thank you

Kingsley School Office