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Year 1 Parents and Pupils Please Read

16 June 2020


Dear Y1 Pupils and Parents


Welcome back!


We are very happy to be welcoming some of you back to school next week.


School is going to feel very different but we will make it as enjoyable as we can.


There will be 4 year 1 bubbles, with approximately 9 children in each bubble.


Here is some key information to help you next week.


  • Wear sporty/comfortable clothes and trainers/shoes suitable for PE.
  • Arrive at school at the time set for your bubble.
  • Come in to the yard at the gate we use for trips.
  • We will be using the key stage 1 classroom doors to get into school - an adult will help you.
  • You will be allocated a seat in your classroom and your tray will be kept next to you.
  • Your coat will stay on the back of your chair.
  • We will give you some stationery to use just for you - no sharing allowed.
  • Your school water bottle will be on your table for you to use.
  • Everyone is having packed lunches and you will eat in your classroom or possibly outside.
  • You can bring your own packed lunch or order one from Wendy (ham/cheese/tuna).
  • Your packed lunch will stay on your desk.
  • We will all be washing our hands lots of times in the day.
  • Your bubble will spend the whole day together.
  • We will be cleaning tables, door handles etc. throughout the day.
  • A cleaner from the council will be coming in each lunchtime to clean high-use areas.
  • At the end of the day parents should wait on the spots along the fence (staff will show you)


I hope this information helps you to understand what school will be like for the next few weeks.


Please Remember


  • We will not be mixing with other bubbles.
  • Only bring essential items (coat/packed lunch) to school each day – no book bags or toys.


The teachers have some fun activities planned for you and we look forward to seeing you on 22nd June.


Mrs Darby