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This is checked regularly however, if you need to speak to a member of staff as a matter of urgency, please either speak to a member of the leadership team on the gate on a morning or ring the school office.



If you require any additional information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.

At Kingsley Nursery, we strive to give children the best start to their educational life.

Our fully inclusive environment and ethos means that every child will be encouraged to succeed, form positive relationships and build confidence.

Our indoor and outdoor classrooms aim to be creative and stimulating reflecting the range of topics covered throughout the year which enhance understanding of different animals, people, environments and cultures.

We hope you enjoy looking through our page and we look forward to seeing you in Nursery soon!


Many thanks, the Nursery Team. 

Here you will find photos and information about what goes on in Nursery at Kingsley Primary.  

In 2021 we began a new EYFS curriculum. This has allowed us to reimagine our topics and really think about exciting and engaging ways to promote learning. Our new topics are;​​​​​​

Marvellous Me

Tis the seaon to be Freezin


Traditional Tales

Farmyard Stories

Below, you will find lots of photographs of what we have been up to each term along with our curriculum documents and knowledge organisers.

Autumn Term 2022

It has been a very exciting start to the school year. This term is all about starting Nursery, our family, Autumn, celebrations, Winter and Christmas!

Below you will find some photographs of what we have been up to this term. 

Sensory Play

The children have been enjoying a range of sensory activities in Nursery. 

Take a look!

My Family

In Nursery we have been looking at our family. The children brought in photographs and then drew a picture of their family. We loved hearing all about their home life!

Food tasting 

This week we have been talking about our likes and dislikes. We have been tasting different foods to find out what the children like. 

The children are enjoying exploring the indoor and outdoor areas in Nursery. Take a look and see the things we have been doing.

Autumn Party

To celebrate a successful half-term we had an Autumn party. We explored the outdoor area looking for Autumnal objects, made pumpkin crispy cakes and played lots of different games. The children enjoyed taking turn on the different activities set up around the Nursery. 

The Gruffalo

We have been reading the story 'The Gruffalo'. We have used clay to mould our own Gruffalo, take a look to see how they have turned out. 

Children in Need

It's Christmas!!

The children have enjoyed exploring our Santa's workshop area and have been writing letters to Santa Claus.


This term will begin with Local History week, where we will talk about places that are familiar to us in Hartlepool. We will then celebrate Chinese New Year before moving onto our Explorer topic. 

We will be travelling to China, London and the Jungle then we be looking at more familiar places such as camping, the beach and our gardens. 

Local History Week

We explored our local area during Local History Week. The children were shown different images of places in Hartlepool and were asked if they recognised any of them. We discussed routes we may take when travelling around the town.

Chinese New Year

The children have been learning about China and the celebration of Chinese New Year. We talked about the different traditions they have in China in preparation for the New Year. The children enjoyed tasting Chinese food and completed a dragon dance. As well as talking about celebrations in China we discussed celebrations we have in England.

Peppa goes Camping

Peppa sent a letter to the children in Nursery. She had gone camping but her tent had a hole in the top. The children had to look at different materials and decide which was the most waterproof. 

At the Beach

In Nursery we have learning about objects that keep us safe in the water. W have focused on the language floating and sinking. The children explained to each other what this meant. We then completed an investigation to find out which objects would float and which objects would sink in the water. We have added some other photos of other activities the child completed throughout the week.

It's Snowing

Under the Sea

Our book of the week was 'Harry Saves the Ocean'. In the book it talks about recycling rubbish in the sea to save the sea creatures. We looked at different materials we collect at home. The children were about to sort the materials into glass, cardboard and plastic. They talked about how the materials feel and used language such as hard, soft, cold, bendy. We also looked at different creatures we may find under the sea. Take a look at our exciting areas in Nursery from this week.