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Here you will find photos and information about what goes on in Reception at Kingsley Primary.  

In 2021 we began a new EYFS curriculum. This has allowed us to reimagine our topics and really think about exciting and engaging ways to promote learning. Our new topics are;​​​​​​

A Place Called Home



Once Upon a Time

Below, you will find lots of photographs of what we have been up to each term along with our curriculum documents and knowledge organisers.

Summer Term 2022

This term we will be focusing on two topics; Minibeasts and Once Upon a Time. We will be deepening our understanding of the natural world by looking at seasons, habitats and lifecycles. Then, we will put our Literacy skills to the test and complete some lovely work based around traditional tales. Take a look at our knowledge organiser and curriculum jigsaw for more information. 



We looked at the different seasons of the year and thought about how they affected the natural world. We talked about the trees, plants, animals and weather. We then sorted different items such as t shirts, scarves, ice creams and snowmen into the correct season. 


We looked at the story of Superworm and used some non-fiction texts to find out all about worms. We then loved digging and finding some of our own superworms in the planters. We learned lots by watching them move around the soil. 

The Lifecycle of a Butterfly

We have been looking at how different minibeasts change as they grow and learned lots about how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. We then made our own lifecycles to show the process. 

Wonderful Writing!

We used our knowledge of the butterfly lifecycle to complete this amazing writing. Everyone was so proud of our beautiful work!

New Outdoor Games

P.E. is a huge part of our daily learning and we have been very lucky this term to receive some new outdoor games and toys. Here are some photos of us trying them out. We have had so much fun!

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

In school, we had an amazing time learning all about the Queen and celebrating her jubilee. We made crowns, wrote jubilee messages, had a super street party, sang the National Anthem and took part in a 70 inspired sports afternoon. Here are some photos of our week. 

Spring Term 2022

This term we will be looking at the topic 'Explorers'. This topic will build on the knowledge of children’s immediate environment and begin to explore and compare life in other countries, time periods and outer space. See our curriculum jigsaw and knowledge organiser below for more info!


AHOY me hearties!

Pirates may be ruthless and they may be bad, but they were also explorers! For the first part of our topic, we looked at pirates and how they explored the world. We read stories and looked at Blackbeard, the fearsome pirate who ruled the seas. We helped Captain Jack Sparrow build a new ship and practised walking the plank in P.E. We also made treasure maps and could talk about the symbols we used.

Down in the jungle where nobody goes ...

Reception were exploring! It was time to look at what we may find in the deepest jungle. Here is some of our wonderful jungle writing!

Jungle animal paintings. 

Look at the detail on our animal paintings! We thought very hard about the colours we were using and how to mix these.

A jungle camp out

We spend alot of time learning through role play. Here are some photos of us in our jungle hideaway. 

Chinese New Year!

In 2022, Chinese or lunar new year was celebrated on February 1st. We have been learning all about the year of the tiger in Reception this week. We heard the story of the Great Race, practised writing Chinese numerals in glitter and sand, creating artwork of tigers and trying some Chinese food. 


Space Explorers!

We have absolutely loved exploring space! We completed lots of role play, creative, writing and number activities. Take a look at what we have been up to! 

Prepare for take off!

It was so much fun pretending to be astronauts. We enjoyed using the small world rocket, dressing up and playing in our own spaceship

Puffy Paint Planets

During our space topic we learned a new paint technique called puffy paint. We used this to recreate our own paper plate planets. We looked carefully at photographs of planets so that we could select and use appropriate colours for them. The paint dried textured and puffy. We had lots of fun! 

Time Explorers - A jump back in History

To explore life in the olden days we looked at toys from the past. We enjoyed being able to play with old toys and compared them to toys we have today. Check out the olden day toys.

Ghanaian Drumming

We have been looking at the story of Ghanaian Goldilocks and comparing it to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Mr Reid and Mrs Lucas knew lots about traditional Ghanaian music so brought the drum and showed us how to play it. 

Spring Is Here!

We have loved looking for signs of Springtime. We learned about how the weather changes, the days get longer and new life starts to appear. We enjoyed completing some observational drawings of flowers, including daffodils. 


We love Easter time and have enjoyed celebrating it in school by making Easter cakes, Easter cards and learning about the symbols of Easter. We used our knowledge to decorate some eggs. Here are some photos of what we have been up to. 

Autumn Term 2021

This term we will be focusing on 'A Place Called Home'. In this topic we will be thinking about ourselves, our families and our homes and comparing these to other places in the world. See our curriculum jigsaw and knowledge organiser below for more info!


Starting school can leave us with a lot of mixed emotions. We used the Colour Monster story to help us work these through. Here is some of our lovely work.

We looked at how people change over time and thought about all the skills we had learned since we were a baby. This made us think about all of the wonderful things we may do in our lives and what we want to be when we grow up. 

Where do we live? 

We looked at our local area and familiar places. We used google maps to find our houses and loved taking a virtual stroll down the street. We then used our design skills to draw and build our own houses using construction materials. These are some of our finished creations. 

Early Writing

We love exploring the writing area! Here are some examples of our independent writing during the Autumn term.

Maths during Autumn Term

During our first term in Reception, we looked at maths in lots of ways. Through a mixture of play and guided tasks we explored counting, matching, measuring, capacity and patterns. Here are some photographs of our learning. 

Happy Diwali!

After spending some time looking at Hartlepool we started to compare it to life in India. We read a story called 'A Gift for Amma' and enjoyed exploring Indian artefacts, We also learned all about diwali, the Indian festival of light. Here are some photographs of our week. 

The Great Outdoors 

We love to spend time in our outdoor area, here are some photos of the fun we have had this term. 

It's Halloween!

We LOVED learning about Halloween and having lots of spooky fun this week!

Remember, remember the 5th of November ...

Here are our firework pictures. We used chalks on black paper to create our artwork. 

The Jolly Postman

We looked at the story of the Jolly Postman and looked at how post is delivered around the world. We looked at different kinds of houses and doors and enjoyed thinking about how they were all different. The jolly postman goes on his own journey to deliver letters, so we set up our own post office to see how it all works. 


Christmas is always a special time at Kingsley Primary school, with crafts, parties, nativities and pantomimes! Here are some photos of our celebrations. 

For more information on how we teach phonics in Reception, please click on the link below.

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If you require any additional information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.